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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Everything from comic books to sci-fi has a fascination with sex and love. During my stroll along the convention floor at FanExpo Canada last weekend in Toronto, I saw a young man fondle the breasts of a comic-book statue and dozens of ergonomic Anime mousepads, where your wrist would rest comfortably on the padded breasts of a cartoon vixen. For those of you who haven't been to FanExpo before, this may sound weird. But it isn't, when you consider that the event is a gathering of over 90, passionate nerds and geeks, many of whom have trouble releasing all their sexual tension. Some mask it by dressing up.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is an excellent way of resolving deadlock when there are dishes to be done, hedges to be trimmed, taxes to be filed.

The game is also interesting from a psychological point-of-view, as it can help us to understand how impulses from our evolutionary past conflict with optimal strategies during competition. Working at a University makes you nerdy by osmosis.

Borderline Personality Disorder BPD is often one of the most stigmatized mental health diagnosis, not just with the general public but also health care professional. What the heck is BPD? How might it manifest? How does it affect the individual? And why is it so stigmatized? These questions and more will be answered to help promote an understanding of how an individual with BPD navigates the world.

Good news if you're looking for your nerdy partner in crime There's a Speed Dating event taking place at Happy Harbor Comics on August. Geek Speed Dating is open for registration! Find your super-hero match at Edmonton Expo! Registration is open and inclusive to. Nerd Nite # Pirouettes, pedagogy and Punnett squares When I returned to Edmonton, I switched into the Spanish Bilingual program and taught The Time of the Season, the End of the Season · Special Event: Nerd Nite Speed Dating.

Interwoven with the educational material, Zanne will also speak candidly about her own lived experience with a diagnosis of BPD. Since discovering a path to wellness, Zanne has become a passionate mental health advocate.

Never shying away from opportunities to question conventional thinking about mental illness and sharing her own lived experience, Zanne is part of the systemic change in health care as a Peer Support Worker with Alberta Health Services.

Must Love Comic Books: Geek Speed Dating at Comic Cons

After doing a lot of heavy lifting and donating most of her spoons at work, Zanne supports her wellness by engaging her nerd girl. She surrounds herself with graphic novels, watches Star Trek daily, and one day hopes Chewbacca will become her zombie space boyfriend. What is Punk? Is it Mohawks and leather jackets?

Three-chord songs and greasy hair? Or is it something more?

Storyteller, activist, sex educator, and all around nerdiholic, Dylan Richards has brought his passion for helping people discover what makes them shine to classrooms, boardrooms, and gatherings all around the globe.

We made it to 50, everyone!

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These are exciting times in biomedicine. Research areas like stem cells, personalized medicine, and the microbiome are leading to promising new developments. But too often the language of real science is used to market unproven therapies and health concepts.

Professor Timothy Caulfield is an unrivalled communicator who debunks myths and assumptions about innovation in the health sector — from research on stem cells to diets to alternative medicine — for the benefit of the public and decision-makers. Professor Caulfield also writes frequently for the popular press on a range of health and science policy issues and is the author of two national bestsellers: The Cure for Everything: Untangling the Twisted Messages about Health, Fitness and Happiness Penguin, and Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?

His most recent book is The Vaccination Picture Penguin, Elisia Snyder is one of the fastest rising stars coming out of the Edmonton comedy scene.

Nerd speed dating edmonton

Her comedy brings a fresh take on modern issues ranging from the mundane to the outright absurd. Elisia brings dark, clever, and deeply personal stories to the stage with a unique voice and an unforgettable stage-presence.

Some of you Star Trek nerds will get this.

We have a little art, a little science, and a little but of content from left field. DNA sequencing is rapidly altering the world of medicine and entering popular culture. But being the most efficient repository of information in the universe, combined with its ability to interact with itself and other molecules, DNA holds an incredible array of possible uses.

DNA is most famous for storing information on how to create a life form, but it can store any information desired, opening doors for manipulating living organisms into new artificial directions outside what is found in nature. Modern mass media portrays us all as socially inept if not virtually afraid of the opposite sex, something particularly evident if you watch shows based on tired stereotypes like The Big Bang Theory.

Then again, I also know lawyers who love football with the same damn problem.

But for those who do have problems dating and are not confident in letting their geek flag fly in a world full of muggles, finding someone to connect with can be a truly terrifying experience. Geek speed dating presents an interesting opportunity for men and women looking to directly connect with someone who shares similar interests, with someone who gets them. On a functional level, geeks speed dating works like normal speed dating.

Geek Love: Ep. 3 -- Geekily Ever After (Brittany)

Men and women are paired up for short intervals, move to new partners during the course of an hour or so.

And there are, of course, also LGBT groups so everyone can be included. The difference between geek speed dating and regular speed dating, as Catherine Saykaly-Stevens puts it, is the theme. The gender split is certainly still not even, which creates its own issues for geek speed dating events.

While she has noticed that the gap between the numbers of men and women that attend these events is decreasing year after year, the gap is still there.

Once there, Stacy had a good time. She had several great interactions and met some interesting people.

It's springtime. Love is in the air. Let Nerd Nite be your wingman. That's right, we' re hosting our inaugural Nerd Nite Speed Dating event!. Since its inception three years ago, the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo has kapow-bang-boomed into an all-weekend freaks-'n-geeks. Our events offer a fresh alternative to speed dating and matchmaking. We don.

I liked that the event placed people with the same interests together whereas a normal speed dating one would be all small talk for 3 minutes. But how did the men fare? Outside the room, an entirely different story played out. He is recently married so had no interest in participating but wanted to support the friend he just threw to the proverbial lions.

Once the room was full, Calgary Expo volunteers cut off the line, which was all men at this point. That can limit the amount of people attending.

The unfortunate reality is that there are far more men trying to attend a geek speed dating event than women. While the numbers of single women going to cons has increased, those numbers are still far outstripped by the numbers of unattached men in attendance. Lance described the following scene…. Some individuals in the line dispersed without any issue, accepting the fact that it was full and they did not arrive early enough to get in.

Geek speed dating presents an interesting opportunity for men and the geeks speed dating sessions at Calgary Expo and Edmonton Expo. be looking for love today at the Calgary Expo's speed dating sessions. Speed Dating and the facilitator for the Expo's "Geek Speed Dating.". Roundly judged as sexually frustrated nerds, it turns out FanExpo Despite this, I tested my luck at one of FanExpo's 15 speed-dating sessions.

Other individuals in the line looked like they had just received word that their mother had died. The look of sadness and desperation took over many of their faces.

Some ran up to the volunteers at the door and pleaded with them to be let in… This newly formed begging event lasted for about minutes. When the individuals realized they were not getting in, expletives were shared that described their thoughts, and they dispersed.

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