How to Install an Amp Without RCA Jacks . It Still Works

How To Install a Line Output Converter (LOC) To Any Car (Simple) - Aftermarket Sub To Factory Radio

Installing an amplifier in your car's audio system can seem overwhelming, but installing one without RCA jacks can be downright intimidating. Older systems usually lack RCA jacks, but just because you have an older system does not mean you cannot add an amp for additional power to push your speakers or subwoofers. Before you begin the installation process, it's imperative that you make sure the amp you've chosen is capable of accepting speaker or line-level connections. Once you've double-checked these things, you're ready to start. Determine an ideal location for your amp inside the cabin or trunk of your vehicle. You can mount it on the back of a seat, on the sidewall, on the back of your subwoofer box or on the floor of the trunk away from any loose items that may damage the amp by shifting when the car moves. Open the amp wiring kit, which contains all the wiring you'll need to hook-up your amp.

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How To Set Up Google Home, Mini, and Max Smart Speakers

How to Setup The Google Home Mini

Making the decision to buy a Google Home smart speaker is just the beginning. It powers on automatically. After the app successfully sets up the selected Google Home unit, it will play a test sound - if not, tap "play test sound" on the app screen. If you heard the sound, then tap "I heard the sound". Next, using the Google Home app prompts on your smartphone select your location if you haven't done so already , language, and Wi-Fi Network be ready to enter your password.

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