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The teacher and the student ~ Gay GLMM

Jordan Powers, the California teen who made national news when she and her high school teacher moved in together, told local station KOVR that the two are back together after a turbulent few weeks. The year-old broke up with her year-old boyfriend James Hooker after he was arrested earlier this month on charges of sexually abusing a student in The two started to share an apartment as Hooker took paid administrative leave from the school. But after Hooker's arrest April 6, the teen's mother Tammie Powers helped her daughter pack her bags and move to Ohio with her. Her departure didn't last.
Modesto Teacher's Victim Speaks out after Trial. Posted While the mother of Jordan Powers was visibly upset, said Allred. We tried to. MODESTO (CBS13) Former Modesto high school teacher James Tammie Powers says Hooker hasn't stopped in his pursuit of Jordan.

Phil and "Good Morning America" to defend their relationship. Powers' defense of Hooker and their public displays of affection between the two turned parents' stomachs across the nation.

In addition to confronting the now-former couple on television, Powers' mother, Tammie Powers, took her campaign against her daughter's relationship to the California legislature, where she helped Republican Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen introduce legislation that make it a felony for any teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student - even if they are Powers told ABC that she had heard a completely different version of events before - but said she believed the woman came forward to help her see the truth about Hooker.

I just have a gut feeling there are other girls. Skip to content.

1 day ago Security forces block a road as Jordanian teachers gather near government headquarters in Amman [Anadolu/Getty]. Date of publication: 5. Furious: Tammie Powers believes her daughter Jordan was . Jordan Powers, 18, leaves teacher James Hooker, 41, 'over student sexual abuse claims' .. ' state of the union' meeting: 'I'm dating someone and I'm lonely'. Jordan Powers, the California teen who made national news when she and her high school teacher moved in together, told local station KOVR.

Most Read. And her mother has spoken out to condemn the relationship, saying: ' I've always had the same contention that he's a pervert and this predatory behavior didn't start overnight.

Jordan Powers, California Teen, Back Together With Teacher Boyfriend Despite Breakup After Arrest

Christopher James Hooker, 41, was arrested for oral copulation with a minor he taught at a California school in the s, years before he struck his relationship with year-old Jordan Powers. Police said the case stems from a relationship he had with a year-old student from Davis High School in Modesto.

Hooker was arrested at his home on Friday and booked into Stanislaus County Jail.

The teen said that she believed the claims and that she felt the victim had come forward at this time to help her see the truth about her boyfriend. Police said he made friends with the girl and later developed a romantic relationship with her.

Jordan Powers breaks up with James Hooker after former teacher arrested

The investigation into the incident began after Hooker announced his relationship in February with Powers, whom he taught at Enochs High School in Modesto. Scroll down for video. Together: Hooker moved in with Jordan Powers, 18, in May after leaving his wife and three daughters and things have not went smoothly. Furious: Tammie Powers believes her daughter Jordan was brainwashed by Hooker.

Troubling: The arrest relates to the alleged sexual abuse of a different student at a separate school in I have a gut feeling that there's other girls,' an emotional Powers told ABC. I don't understand how someone can have such a cold heart.

Hooker had moved in with the teen in February - the same day he quit his job in the school's business department. The teacher told police he had left his wife and their three daughters the previous week.

Teacher Leaves Family for Student, Quits Job; Student Drops Out

Powers' mother, Tammie, had confronted the couple on Dr. Phil and accused Hooker of brainwashing her daughter. Together, Hooker and Powers appeared on numerous national talk shows and news interviews to maintain they did not have sexual contact until she turned 18 and their relationship was 'real love'.

Yet police are investigating whether there was inappropriate contact before Powers became In interviews for the Dr.

In high school, you have that one teacher that rubs you the wrong way. These qualities also didn't go unnoticed by year-old Jordan Powers, who was one. A California teen had three words for her former teacher turned live in boyfriend: Goodbye to you. Jordan Powers, 18, said Saturday on "Good. Jordan Powers, 18, ended the controversial relationship after Arrest: Former teacher James Hooker, 41, has been arrested for 'sexually abusing while out shopping in New York City Holmes, 40, is dating Jamie Foxx,

The couple said that, while they met when Jordan was 14, their relationship did not become physical until she was of age, making it permissible under current laws. California's age of consent is Intimate: The couple - who have reunited again - share a kiss as they are interviewed by ABC and insist their love is real and for life.

Relief: Power's mother Tammie told Good Morning America that she always said Hooker was a pervert and that she was not surprised over the arrest.

Jordan dating teacher

Where it all began: James Hooker quit his job at Enochs High School in Modesto - where one of his daughters, 17, is a student and where he met his teenage lover - so he could be with Jordan. I am with my daughter as I post this. The Modesto Bee reported that she met with her daughter shortly after noon and packed her daughter's things at Hooker's apartment.

She later told a reporter from the newspaper that she was catching a flight to an undisclosed location with her daughter on Friday. Friends flocked to the devastated mother's Facebook page to criticise Hooker and offer her support. Loving couple? Hooker and Powers said they are only doing what makes them happy on Dr Phil. In response to the couple's relationship, a state lawmaker from Modesto last week proposed legislation that would ban student-teacher relationships regardless of age, even if the student is The law would also strip school employees of their pensions and retiree health care if they are convicted.

Republican Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen said her bill would prevent teachers from grooming students for relationships once they became adults. The bill would also forbid suggestive communication such as sexual text messages.

Hundreds of text messages were reportedly exchanged between Powers and Hooker before they moved in together. It was a bill supported by Jordan's mother Tammie, who had blasted the former teacher as manipulative during an appearance on Dr Phil. Investigation: The arrest relates to a student at Grace M.

Davis High School in Modesto, where Hooker taught. I plan on making this a national campaign in each and every state. I would like to see a national registry as a reference place for employers.

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