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I Kissed Dating Goodbye: The Study Guide

Worst "Christian Dating Advice" I Ever Fell For: I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye Joshua Harris

It challenged me to invite the Lord into my love life before I ruined it. His books changed the course of my life for the better. He says things better than I could, so I'd like to give a review of what he teaches to either Give you a refresher if you're familiar with his material or. Peak your interest if you haven't gotten a chance yet. He clarifies that it's not just a checklist you can go through and get the desired results. It's not about following rules and doing it right.

I cannot "own" someone outside of marriage I will avoid situations that could compromise the purity of my body or mind Quitting dating game doesn't mean rejecting friendship with the opposite sex, but by quitting dating game, we can seek Him wholeheartedly.

Part Two: The heart of the matter.

Part 1 Last time, we looked at the introduction and chapter 1 of I kissed dating goodbye. Next up, Joshua Harris tackles the seven habits of. During Sunday morning services we passed notes about who liked whom, who radical and foolish to other people-even if it meant kissing dating goodbye. This is my attempt to share some of my thoughts on "kissing dating goodbye" “I kissed dating godbye” as the hard copy to notes I presented in a bible study.

Looking up "love" in God's dictionary Learning the true definition of love. Read 1 Corinthians 13 regarding love. Committed, sincere, selfless, responsible - all these words describe God's love. The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing How to keep impatience from robbing you of the gift of singleness.

Place your trust in God, that He knows what is best for you. Let's live our todays for His kingdom and entrust our tomorrows to His providence. The direction of Purity How to get on the road to righteousness. Pointers to help us maintain a direction of purity with both our hearts and our feet. Respect the deep significance of physical intimacy Set your standard too high Make the purity of others a priority - Guys make Girls pure, and vice versa.

See the beauty of purity, and you must fight for it. A cleansed past: The room How Jesus can redeem your past. If you have particular memory that continues to hound you, a memory that makes you feel unworthy of God's love and forgiveness, don't let the past beat you up. If you've repented of all those behaviors, God has promised to remember them no more Hebrews Move on, a lifetime of purity awaits you. Part Three: Building a new lifestyle.

Starting with a clean slate Four important steps for getting on track with God's plan. Steps for starting and maintaining a lifestyle of godliness in relationships:.

Start with a clean slate - repent from sinful attitudes and behaviors in our relationships Make your parents - or other trusted Christian seniors, as your teammates Establish protective boundaries - Set your boundaries and guidelines for the relationships Check who's whispering in your ear - Keep yourself from outside world influences 9.

Just friends in a Just-Do-It world Keys for keeping your relationships with the opposite sex out of the "Romantic Zone". Steps for maintaining healthy friendships with the opposite sex:.

Understand the difference between friendship and intimacy Be inclusive, not exclusive Seek opportunities to serve, not to be entertained Guard your heart How to fight the pollutants of lust, infatuation, and self-pity.

We must keep your heart pure from all these things with faithful, silent regularity. He will help and sustain us as we trust in Him and faithfully guard our hearts. What are you, nuts? We should communicate our convictions about dating with humility and from a desire to please God, not to put others down. Joshua Harris doomed these people to a system that if they are not at a church that preaches courtship is strange to all but the most persistent suitors.

He should have known not all Christians would start practicing this system. Now he has detractors like me who frankly pray to God for justice for what he did to us and our generation.

Welcome to my blog and sorry for the late welcome. It has its own problems. My take on it is that it is an approach that was more designed for teenagers vs. Didnt God said trust Him.

God is BIG. He is almighty. My boyfriend was easily able to fool me into thinking he was a great guy because I was so naive. He was easily able to fool my parents because he rarely saw them. We got married, and our marriage fell completely apart 3 years and 1 baby later after he decided it would be fun to share his wife with his friends. I could write my own book. I have read some of your blog entries and what happened to you is a sad story of betrayal by your husband.

One of my biggest concerns with courtship is that those who promote are quick to share all the defects they see with dating but seem to ignore and be silent about all the problems that courtship has caused over the years. Welcome again. I saw that you left a comment on my blog and came over here to check you out like you suggested. On my blog you addressed that kissing dating goodbye and having courtship as an alternative may be fine for younger people but possibly counterproductive for older singles.

Are there a couple specific articles that you have linked to here that I could read to see your point a little better? What parts of courtship do you consider counterproductive? I certainly do not agree with everything that Josh Harris preaches, but I think, to a degree, he has good theory when it comes to this topic. Have you ever read anything by Eric and Leslie Ludy? I like their perspectives better, actually. What age things change will depend on each specific person.

Dating can mean a lot of things. Interesting blog. Cool blog though. Steve, Thanks for the comments on my site. It has been sometime since I have actually read the book, but I do remember discussing it many times with youth group members and various friends. I can remember thinking that this guy has some good ideas, but not all of them are sound. I see God as designing relationships and wants us to be active participants in them.

Of course there should be appropriate bounderies for interactions with the opposite sex, but we should by no means avoid them and then expect God to magically drop Mr or Mrs Right into out laps which seems to be the general idea of many Christian authors.

Thanks again. I hope this blog of mine provokes the right kind of questioning vs. That is the thing, though. All Harris is offering is advice using his point of view as an example.

No two romances are going to be alike, and he knows that. Do you know people who have blindly accepted his doctrine or something? Where does this idea come from, if not? Reading this account it sure seemed like a lot of people blindly or pretty much blindly accepted this. In some churches, questioning what leadership says is looked down upon.

I have seen that in various groups I have been involved with. If you read some of my other blog entries you will see where I show how Josh Harris has seemed to ignore the problems that have occurred with this approach that has been in place since in the church where he is now Sr.

As you know, my friend Rob and I maintain a blog focusing on the application of Bible truth in the lives of Christians. We once wrote an blog entry on dating, which was how I originally heard of your site. I linked to that article in my comment above.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Outstanding site. You have gained a new reader. Please maintain the fabulous posts and I look forward to more of your amusing writings. I am assuming that you have read through my older blogs posts. I have already said a lot of what I feel I have to say on this subject but as I occasionally get new thoughts I will post new entries.

I just found your blog I have heard of I kissed dating goodbye but never read it There are stories about courtship marriages that ended in divorce and in some cases they never made it to the alter. I read a sad story of one young lady who did the courtship and married at 16 and now at 20 had ot leave her husband because of abuse. This young lady is scarred for the rest of her life because of twisted beleifs. Another courtship dissolves because of religous differences.

I feel so sad for these kids. They didnt get protected from broken heart syndrome. I cant see how anyone who led a sheltered life write a book on relationships. Their views obvioulsy came form their upbringing and not experiences. Thanks for your comments and welcome to my blog.

That is one of the biggest problems with those who promote courtship. They are quite vocal in the problems that they feel dating causes but silent about the problems that courtship has caused. Im pretty sure all decent parents think this way. I would like to ask extreme Christian conservatives the same thing when they marry off their 16 year old like my example above or 20 year old with no experience with the oposite gender, like Josh and Anna Duggar.

Like the poster said, you trust your kid to a point. Chapperones are ridiculous for legal adults like Josh and Anna. If you raised the kid right they will know how far to go. Keeping them in a bubble can do as much damage. Hello everyone. So, I just sat here and spend the last couple hours reading through all 71 of the comments on this page!

I came back the next week to watch the second part of the series.

Both were very good books! I feel as though I learned a lot from both. Like many other in fact, probably MOST Christians out there though, my biggest bone to pick with the book was the general overriding message that all Christians needed to stop dating and revert to courtship.

Harris had a lot of good to say in his books, but unfortunately, I believe he came down a little too harshly on dating. The problem amongst Christian young adults and teenagers at that time was not the fact that Christians were DATING; it was the fact that too many of them were dating without the implementation of any biblically-based boundaries!

He bashed dating a little too harshly. He insinuated that dating is inherently wrong. Or did he actually outright say so?? What do I believe?? They both have their pros and cons. In deciding which of the two routes to take, I think we as individuals need to first be informed of the pros and cons of each, take into account our own personalities and circumstances, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as to which path to take.

Contrary to what some people may believe, this can be done in either a dating OR a courtship situation. That is why I personally have gravitated toward other Christian relationship books that put more emphasis on how to implement Biblical principles in a practical manner into our dating lives. Which books?? Ben Young and Dr. Sam Adams. It consists of simple, practical, down-to-earth biblically-based dating principles, and in my opinion, if you were a youth pastor who wanted to do a book-study in your youth group, THAT is the book that should be used as the basis for talking to youth groups about Christian dating principles.

All that being said, I have no intention of slamming Joshua Harris, or anything about his character. Despite the somewhat extreme and questionable nature of some of his writings, I still maintain a lot of respect for him. One very good purpose that his writing of those books served is that it DID get Christian teens and young adults at that time to check themselves, and start thinking about the way they were conducting their own dating lives.

He awoke an awareness to the subject of dating — something that may have been very necessary at that point in time. This discussion seems very smart and lively. Amanda Maybe someone on here who has the experience you are looking for will give you a call. It can include arranged marriages where the couple gets married without even knowing the person they are marrying to something similar to the traditional dating.

Not all courtships result in long term marriages. Do you think your words please God? I have put together my thoughts here. Your comment is internally hypocritical. You just criticized the people here for being critical. If you have a position, then calmly explain it with respect for your host. I doubt God is pleased with your bad manners, regardless fo what does or does not please Him on this site.

I just glanced at your linked post on your blog and found it good reading.

You make some good points there. Singles nead to spend time learning how to relate. If people were more open to talking about the problems IKDG has created then maybe some of these problems could be reduced or eliminated. Glad you enjoyed the article. When Christians pursue marriage, however they choose to do it, there is quite obviously going to be opportunity for sin.

However, this is true with everything we pursue from the moment we step out of bed in the morning. So, the key seems to be, while exercising discipline and sel-restraint, to pursue mrriage by the wisest, most logical means available.

I kissed dating goodbye chapter summary

God will not be mocked: we reap what we sow. Sow nothing, and you can expect to reap nothing. However, sow just a little, and God may just bless your harvest. I believe it applies to opposite sex relations too. If you want to reap a happy marriage, then you have to sow some effort in the appropriate field. My entire view of dating, relationships, and marriage is based largely on this concept. We have to invest our time and efforts, in addition to prayer, to reap an appropriate harvest.

People will resist that way of thinking because it suggests that we cannot just pray and receive a miracle. We do deliver concern over those things to the Lord in trust, but the common way of thinking in the Church today seems to be that, once you pray for somnething, that you should stop and wait for God to do the rest without any further effort.

If that is true, then we would have a God who rewards sloth — does that sound like the character of the God we know. All good things and blessings come from the Lord, regardless of the extent and character of our efforts.

However, that reality does not relieve us of our obligation to work and labor for the things we seek in prayer. You make some good points about effort. Hopefully he is not typical. When you have this type of environment where a system is unassailable it is nearly impossible to work to correct the problems.

Honestly, I believe I have read most of the material on this site at some point or another. This has always been one of several issues facing Christians that has fascinated me.

The thing I learned is that none of those heartbreaks were wasted efforts. I made mistakes, but I learned from them. I was a slow learner, but eventually I married the woman of my dreams. Most people who are married share one thing in common at a minimum: they took a risk at some point. Marriage requires two people to set aside their fears of rejection and heartbreak long enough to take a risk on love.

It is no a Biblical concept — or is it?

In I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris exposes the "Seven Habits of Highly Each chapter had me convinced that Joshua Harris was onto something.

Are we called to a spirit of fear or courage? Logically, the latter should be far more frightening that the former. Many couples do take solace in this, blaming Harris for the problems in their marriage. Does a wise person commit quickly or easily?

Commitments, I believe, are something we should be slow to make and quick to keep. Whatever advice we receive, we must asusme responsibility for acint on it or for not acting on it. I just found this site, off of related discussions about the patriocentric and other movements.

Or edited by her? If anything, these books alienated me somewhat from Christianity, and from the courtship movement, something I deeply regret. Only in the past two years or so have I more fully embraced God and the idea of a courtship-based approach to marriage [and I still consider that the last needs to be carefully handled, a la Josh Harris]. I found myself continually taking issue with the points raised, probably because I felt convicted of my own failings [and of their truth?

For a girl who has always been over-fond of the company of boys, almost everything that I read in these books felt as though it was aimed at me. My mom realized that I would probably never fully embrace all the philosophies in Before You Meet Prince Charming, and sold the book at a homeschool book sale last year, so I unfortunately do not have it to refer to here.

But I remember arguing [in my own head] with the idea that if girls live outside of the home [i. What would be more submissive than a woman entering into a marriage contract when both she and her husband know she is giving up what the world calls freedom FOR this one man?

There is, in all three of the books I mentioned, a concern with girls guarding the hearts of the young men around them, something I heartily endorse. All of this going on in a small Christian homeschool co-op group… Anyways, my point is that some girls feel horribly offended and hurt if they are told they are trying to get attention. My other major concern is with the concept of courtship, only as portrayed by Sarah Mally in this book.

At least in the allegorical story which is woven through the book, the Princess finally marries a Prince who approaches her [or rather her FATHER] in the appropriate way, and who is also a courageous and caring young man. Did I just miss this? It certainly was not harped upon in the accompanying text. How did they know that they shared the same interests? But on the other hand, surely getting to know members of the opposite gender, however little dating actually performs that task, is preferable to being close friends with NO ONE!

I recall now another book [Emotional Purity, by Heather Paulsen I believe] which made the case that it is dangerous to be close friends with anyone of the opposite gender.

Our Thoughts on Josh Harris and the Purity Movement

My main concern is that young people may wind up marrying each other without knowing each other very well. I am amazed and thankful to find that this view of courtship is not the only one. One of my very close Christian friends ascribes to a courtship ideal which I consider extremely sensible. It involves being very clear with people on where your relationship with them stands, and not dating just for fun.

The plan is to be allowed to get to know lots of people very well, but be open and honest with all of them. When you know who the best choice for marriage is, you hopefully already know a LOT about them…and one would hope that one of the first criteria is being compatible in faith, interests, and personality. Friendships that is. Some girls do connect well with other girls, I tend to have trouble doing so with all but a few.

While I would hate to appear to undervalue female companionship, I also frequently find it easier to give and receive help in spiritual and faith-based areas with young men.

I know this is getting long, so I will wind up after just one more [heh heh] personal testimony. Conversing with a young man who deeply loves God helped me in so many ways that I hate to think of the sort of person I was even a few months ago. That provided a sort of springboard to pursuing God more strongly than I have in all my years of being a Christian. While God might very well have opened my heart in other or better ways, the fact remains that whenever purity has been a focus of my friendships with young men, nothing but good has resulted.

Almost done now. Purity before marriage is a very important topic but I feel that this book has some worrying ideas and perhaps fallacies in it. Thanks for sharing your experience here. I am not sure I can answer all of your questions. One problem I see with IKDG and those who follow that teaching is that single men and women become almost afraid of each other and any interaction.

It is almost as if they become separated from each other until one decides to get into a courship with someone. I thought the purpose of being in a courtship was for the express purpose of determining if the two people want to get married. What I have seen and heard is that with courtship sometimes there is pressure for a courting couple to either get engaged and married or break off the courtship.

With the courtship model I also wonder how much it makes sense for a young man to first have to get permission to see young lady and court her before even getting time to know here. How does the young man know he wants to go through all of this.

Thus this situation might work well for some couples when they are in the right situation to meet someone that is a good match for them. Unfortunately not all people are in situations where the have the pool of social interactions with good potential mates.

Thus just cause it might work for some singles who are in better situations such as their families being well socially connected it might not work for all singles. Wow my eyes got tired of reading comments, everyone has a good point. You might find this blog of interest where one talks about guarding their heart:. I am 18, and the first time I read the I kissed Dating Goodbye completely was after my first breakup in highschool. However, when I began to get along well with my ex again, I began to distance myself from his message.

I was terribly grieved at myself, and I felt awful for I felt myself as sexually impure, sinful and that I turned away from God. I hate to say this, but his message at times made me bitter against the bible and even find the gospel stifling. But should I really be accused for being in love with someone? Is it that bad…? I would first suggest you realize that what Josh Harris wrote was just his opinion on this and what worked for him.

Not all of what he decided to do is a biblical command. Everyone has a person spicifically picked out for them by God.

Whether you be 15, 25, 40, or And to call a Man simply writing a book about what the Bible teaches a fool, now that just seems low to me. You might want to look at my blog name again. To answer that question myself succinctly I would say KDG has both wisdom and foolishness. It is sad that so many people assume that this is the model all should live by despite differences in age and maturity.

To say that God has 1 person for everyone is a massive leap to make given that this is not stated anywhere in the Bible. In fact, Ruth herself was married once before Boaz. Many godly old testament men had multiple wives, and though I am NOT a polygamist or supporter of polygamy, obviously this implies what you are saying is incorrect. I am not trying to be critical, but your theory pretty much destroys free will. Certainly God knows who we will marry, but to suggest he is arranging our marriages through divine power implies that we have no decisions to make in this area — that we can sit around and do nothing then the perfect spouse will be delivered.

God gave us free will and expects us to exercise it by making decisions of which He approves. Think of it in terms of your Earthly parents: they do not want to pick your spouse presuming your parents are of sound mindbut they want input because they want you to be happy with and loved by your spouse.

This is true, I believe, of the Lord as well. It is possible that the Lord sometimes preordains a marriage. On the other hand, how many marriages in the Old Testament were disfavored by the Lord? Was Jezebel intended for Ahab? Be careful not to make God the divine architect of all that transpires in the World. If God micromanages every marriage, then where does this micromanagement end?

People would be no more than puppets on divine strings. If the Lord wanted this, then He would have made us better puppets I think. If God picked every political leader, then the world would be at peace. God gave dominion over the world to man.

They were presenting the courtship model at a college-age group meeting. People ask questions, but the public comment was more or less to just read the book. Even back then, I was suspicious of mostly being told to read the book. Of all the people I know personally ie, not on the Netwho adopted IKGD when it came out, and stuck with it, to my knowledge not one has ever married.

And there was no courtship mechanism in place either; so these women had rendered themselves utterly unattainable, despite their professed desire to be attained. What is a young-adult convert supposed to do, coming from an unchurched family and therefore lacking this social infrastructure?

Perhaps this objection means little in the Bible belt but in Southern California, MOST of the singles in any typical church are in that position! How are they going to set up courtship under those circumstances? Or your parents — unsaved, uninvolved, unchurched, divorced, miles way, or all of the above — are supposed to look around and find a good Christian girl for you…right. I enjoyed it a second time around. Quotes from the Book By inflating the importance of feelings, we neglect the importance of putting love into action.

Christ taught that love is not for the fulfillment of self but for the good of others and the glory of God. True love is selfless. It gives; it sacrifices; it dies to its own needs.

Christ also showed that true love is not measured or governed by feeling. Jesus' feelings were not the test of His love, nor were they His master. True purity, however, is a direction, a persistent, determined pursuit of righteousness. This direction starts in the heart, and we express it in a lifestyle that flees opportunities for compromise. Your future spouse is created in the image of God.

Your marriage will be a sacred relationship. May 05, Katie rated it really liked it. The title of this book is different, which is why I picked it up in the first place. The book isn't so much about giving up dating as the title implies, it's more about not dating seriously until you are ready to get married, and to use the time gaining a strong relationships with good friends and especially with Heavenly Father.

The author, Joshua Harris, really drives home the idea that singleness is not something to dread, but to realize it as a gift. Aug 21, Megan rated it did not like it Shelves: memoir-biospirituality-religiondisappointmentsnonfictionsex-gender. I really didn't appreciate this book. I felt it did more to exacerbate the complicated terrain of navigating adolescence as a Christian than it helped. I could also go into the theological problems a book like this presents to evangelical America, but I won't bother.

Feb 25, Victoria rated it it was amazing. My favorite part of this book was chapter 12, which was on singleness. A paragraph which reads, "One lady wrote to me, frustrated that people often view a single woman as just marking time until the right man comes along. Someone finally said something like t My favorite part of this book was chapter 12, which was on singleness. Someone finally said something like this about being single I'm sure someone else has spoken about this but you get my point!

I have been asked what I plan on doing after graduating high school by different people. I told them I plan on going to a Bible college and the usual response is "Oh looking for a husband then? God is the one in control of my life whatever he wills I'll either be a single missionary or a missionary who is married. View all 19 comments. Jul 31, Kierstyn Elisabeth rated it did not like it. I desperately tried to enjoy it, understand it in entirety, and implement all of its concepts into my life.

I could not do so. I have been raised Christian and have accepted the faith as my own these past few years. I am completely in love with Jesus Christ and I believe the Bible with all of my heart.

What does Joshua Harris say about courtship vs dating in "I Kissed Dating Goodbye"?. In an interview with Family Christian Stores, Harris indicated that "people have taken the message of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and. Download I Kissed Dating Goodbye PDF Here's a helpful summary by ~I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Chapter 3: “The Seven Habits of Highly.

My friend, who loaned me the book, adored it and uses it as the manual for her romantic life. My mother could not have been more pleased that I was reading it.

I did not appreciate it for the most part. I dated a lot. And I had a blast doing it. I only dated guys who could, yes, be potential marriage partners—God-loving, hilarious, attractive, intelligent guys—but I did it because first and foremost we were friends and second: it was fun!

I went hiking, bowling, skating, to the movies, and many other fun activities with guys sometimes in a group and sometimes not. I am OK haha. I came out fine. If you end a courtship, and you are seriously thinking about marriage, your heart would get broken too. My friendship with my best friend a girl ended in high school, and crushed me ten times more than any breakup I had with a guy.

Relationships with ANYONE, of any means, are risk, and instead of trying to avoid that risk by following rules, we should embrace them and learn from each other. We should approach any decision we make with care and caution. To be smart about any relationship we pursue is important. But I think everyone is uniquely and wonderfully created by God, so different things work for different people. Ok, tell that to the people who fell in love in high school and have lasting, happy marriages today.

And is it really so black and white that we should completely eliminate an entire facet of our lives until a certain time just to avoid pain? Harris thinks so. I do not. Nov 17, Terri Lynn rated it did not like it Shelves: are-you-kidding-or-are-you-crazynonfiction.

Recently a Christian friend, knowing that we are Atheists, gave me some very weird books for my 19 year old daughter who is a single, Atheist student and was angry about the books. I read through them because their weirdness was so fascinating. I was aware of this book because we homeschool just as the Harris family did Josh is a homeschool grad.

Yes, this is very weird. I have no problems with young people going out in groups but if someone thinks this will keep them from having sex, I have s Recently a Christian friend, knowing that we are Atheists, gave me some very weird books for my 19 year old daughter who is a single, Atheist student and was angry about the books. I have no problems with young people going out in groups but if someone thinks this will keep them from having sex, I have some oceanfront property in a corn field in Nebraska I'd like to sell you.

Again, here is an author that wants for you to let an imaginary god plan your life for you. I noticed the groups his ads promote the book to- those who just got dumped, the loser type who can't even get a date to get dumped, those raised by followers of christian mythology who have scared them away from the opposite sex, religious fanatics- in other words, poor pathetic people who no one is into anyway.

Apparently this makes them feel better because they can pretend they didn't want to date anyway think Aesop's "sour grapes" fable and kissed it goodbye. It always fascinates me how many Christians will promote biblical this and that even though something is nowhere to be found in the bible.

For example, there is NO prohibition on birth control or abortion in the bible though people certainly were practicing both when the bible was written. Likewise, Josh Harris wants to promote the "biblical way to find a spouse- courtship". All I can say is- "Chapter and verse,please". There was NO courtship in the bible. The father sold the daughter to whomever he chose. One girl in the bible was raped and her dad chose to make peace with the rapist's family by marrying her to her rapist, saying all was made right by that.

That's right. If Joshua Harris really wanted to get down with his biblical self and really get married the biblical way, his dad needed to go out and purchase a virgin for him, have her checked out to see if she is a virgin and can cook, clean, and weave rugs, and then have them marry with her behind a veil with him seeing her for the first time AFTER the ceremony.

The idea of courtship comes from the days of chivalry Lancelot trying to steal Arthur's wifenot the bible. Women were property to be sold. In fact, many of the men had multiple wives and concubines whores who lived in the family tents and were considered beloved by god. Since my daughter is no virgin and her dad and I have no desire to sell her off to anyone for money or camels, this won't work for us.

Jan 02, Tiffany rated it did not like it. I'm a firm believer that there is no cookie-cutter way of dating. Everyone's story is different, yet, this book came off as if it is the ONLY way to do things. I'm not saying that the book is completely wrong, it brings up a few good points, but ultimately I don't know that any book can tell you how to date or how to live. Apr 28, Eva rated it really liked it Shelves: books. I know a lot of people hate this book now, but I don't. I agree with quite a bit of it, actually.

On the subject of emotional purity, though I'm not sure what to think about all that. You guys?

View all 10 comments. Jun 28, DeeAnn rated it liked it. Interesting idea and understandable concepts if you are in high school and college. I really think that people could benefit from the idea. However, for those who are college aged and higher, it's method of finding a spouse I find to be an exercise in immaturity and for those who are not in a high-volume, high opportunity situation like college isyou may find yourself incredibly lonely practicing these concepts.

The phenomenon of I kissed dating goodbye that was written by year old Thus, I am going to blog through this best seller chapter by chapter, with I'll likely focus on a few key details rather than creating a summary. 2) Dating tends to skip the 'friendship' stage of a relationship. 3) Dating often mistakes a physical relationship for love. 4) Dating often isolates a couple from. I Kissed Dating Goodbye A new attitude toward romance and relationship. Joshua Harris. Disclaimer: This is just a summary of the book and not the whole.

I call it an exercise in immaturity because by avoiding dating altogether, you a Interesting idea and understandable concepts if you are in high school and college. I call it an exercise in immaturity because by avoiding dating altogether, you aren't really learning and practicing setting boundaries with the opposite sex and if you find your spouse in college high volume, high opportunity setting then you may not need them.

But if you don't, dating post-college where you may meet someone only once at the library, the gym, grocery, pumping gas, church even this concept doesn't really apply. Also, what it doesn't address is what actually happens which is that a guy and a girl hang out very often, go on walks and talk, essentially date but don't call it dating because that's too "risky" and comes with expectations.

Again, exercising immaturity instead of learning boundaries, learning how much of your heart to reveal and what it is you actually like and are looking for. Again, great for high school--highly recommend, fantastic concepts since the overwhelming majority of people will NOT marry their high school sweetheart but if in college take a chance.

May 23, Holly rated it did not like it. I wanted to throw this book out of my car while driving at a neurotic speed. I rolled my eyes through the whole thing, and even now as im writing this review Seriously joshua harris?? I read this whole book. Oh yes i did. And i could have said in two sentences what it took him and something pages to write! Women lock yourselves in the house, because you cant discern who to and not to date.

Put on a diaper and ask your daddy to start spoon feeding you again cause I wanted to throw this book out of my car while driving at a neurotic speed. Put on a diaper and ask your daddy to start spoon feeding you again cause you cant do anything without him.

BAM theres your book joshey Dec 02, Chris rated it it was amazing. I now view every woman as another mans future wife.

I will treat every woman with respect. I am growing in my faith and becoming the future husband and father i was meant to be. Jul 05, Jules rated it it was amazing. I got hooked by this book. As I read this, i felt i was vindicated. That by God's grace I am not the only person in this world who advocate something like this. Joshua shared his convictions with regards to dating — if he is not ready for intimacy, for marriage, he will not commit to be in a relationship with someone even giving hints when there are times that he already got a pros The Bible does not say, "THOU SHALT NOT DATE" but it does call us to holiness and to protect the purity of others.

Joshua shared his convictions with regards to dating — if he is not ready for intimacy, for marriage, he will not commit to be in a relationship with someone even giving hints when there are times that he already got a prospect in mind. He is very ideal. The reason why he decided to choose this path is that he believes that this is what the Lord wanted him to do- to develop intimacy with God and to value relationships with the people surrounding him not leading them to something that will become confusing and messy, but taking care of them like brothers and sisters.

Joshua considers the plans of The Lord in stored for him and he is willing to wait while he is in the season of singleness in his life. While being single, he wanted to grow deeper in his relationship with God; exploring and obeying where The Lord has placed him to go, to reach out, and to serve. Mar 17, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites-young-adultadultreadreview-on-blogyoung-adult.

This book continues to be a great inspiration to me, and this is my second time reading it, the first being when I was newly christened a teenager. Joshua Harris has such a straightforward way of showing you why he believes Dating can lead people astray and how you can live above that lifestyle. Each chapter had me convinced that Joshua Harris was onto something golden, something that I wanted to be a part of, this whole non-dating revolution.

And all this was years ago, when I first read and be This book continues to be a great inspiration to me, and this is my second time reading it, the first being when I was newly christened a teenager. And all this was years ago, when I first read and became convicted to be someone who held purity in high esteem instead of following what the world was trying to tell me, because I could see that it was wrong. I decided to reread this book because I am entering a new stage in my life and even though I have been a non-dater for years now I thought that it might be a good idea to take a refresher course on what I believed so that I could easily answer any questions that came my way.

Feb 19, Emily rated it it was amazing. It's simply-like the book says- putting into words a new attitude towards romance and relationships, one that honors God and follows biblical standards. Jul 01, Keri JD rated it did not like it. I spent years of my life guilt-ridden needlessly due to this book. It uses fallacies and guilt tactics to make people feel like they will be dirtied and unwanted if they enjoy someone else physically. I find this book repulsive because it makes so many people self-loathing.

I know at least 30 year olds who used this book as a 'guide' in HS along with I spent years of my life guilt-ridden needlessly due to this book. I know at least 30 year olds who used this book as a 'guide' in HS along with me. Let me say, this book did not make them better Christians. I think 3 of those people stayed religious and got married, the others have shunned Christianity and moved on. So before you thrust this book on your child, think about THAT.

Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. About Joshua Harris. Joshua Harris. Joshua Harris lives outside Washington, D. His greatest passion is preaching the gospel and calling his generation to wholehearted devotion to God. Each January he leads a national conference for singles called New Attitude. Books by Joshua Harris. No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from I Kissed Dating G Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What is your view on dating?

Am I the only one that doesn't date? God's Swordmaidens: Courtship vs. Start Date: January 25, Tuesday.

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