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12 Asian pop star scandals that broke the internetfor a little while . SBS PopAsia

35 Real Life Celebrity Couples Revealed by Dispatch so far (2008 - 2019)

The year is just around the corner, and everyone is looking forward to January 1st, , except for a few celebrities who may have a secret love. Each year, Korean news agency Dispatch celebrates the new year by revealing new celebrity couples to the public. Here is the list of couples who have been exposed by Dispatch on the new year. The two got married on January 19th of The couple dated for nearly two years and announced their break up in July They confirmed their relationship in the same month. T started off with the relationship of Hani and Junsu being unveiled to the public.

A lot has happened with Sulli leaving the group, but the two seem to have each others' back still.

The two were snapped enjoying an intimate midnight drive. The rest is history.

This is exactly what I keep on saying. JENNIE AND KAI ARE STILL A THING AND JENNIE AND IRENE ARE BEST FRIENDS BECAUSE SHE. Wednesday, 'dispatch' caught dating with more and girls' generation's taeyeon dating girls' generation's taeyeon and paramount and are. jenlisa were caught dating by AM - 10 Jan Retweets; 1, Likes; ???????????????? ?? J hm SummerWalter .

The pair dated from to Ahh the carpark, the root of all evil in Asian pop scandals. What was more shocking though was the year age gap.

Dispatch caught dating

As the idol singer never caused a scandal before, it was unexpected. Still, when she opened up about having had feelings for Jung for some time, fans accepted the pairing.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee. They met in for an ad, and after pictures were leaked for Kim visiting the military base to deliver snacks for her lover, the two confirmed their relationship. Minegishi then shaved her head and uploaded a tearful apology online, which made news headlines around the world.

(Noteworthy) Dispatch Implied That BTS Jimin Will Be The Next To Be Publishing Dating News

She's the icon of first love and he is the boy who can do no wrong. The scandal that kick-started !

The fact that she's long been a fan of Junsu made the story even sweeter. Signout Sign in Create an account. Photos from Dispatch revealed the two getting out of the same car together and sharing an embrace.

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Dispatch is the top source for dating scandals, however, there are some Unlike most dispatch images, were both couples are caught together, most of the. Dispatch is reporting that TWICE Jihyo and Kang Daniel are reportedly dating. According to Dispatch, Kang Daniel and Jihyo were caught on a. Dispatch spotted Lee Seung Ki and Yoona's date and exposed them on Dispatch caught UEE and Kangnam on a date in Apgujung, Korea in.

Share This Post Facebook. It was revealed that they had been dating for 5 months when their relationship was exposed and they broke up about half a year later. Dispatch spotted Goo Hara and Junhyung dating early in the morning back in Despite their busy schedules, they went on dates whenever they could and made no attempt to disguise themselves.

They announced the end of their relationship in Dispatch spotted Se7en and Lee Da Hae together in Bangkok, having afternoon tea together at a 6-star hotel. Shortly thereafter, they confirmed their relationship and are still dating.

Baekhyun isn't the only EXO member who has been caught dating. In , Dispatch published breaking news about Kai's and Krystal's. Dispatch caught a couple on a date in Thailand, where they went on different flights, but eventually met on the island. Lisa was accompanied by. According to Dispatch, Kang Daniel and Jihyo were caught on a date on August 1 and have been dating since the beginning of this year.

They dated for a good three years and broke up in January They got married four months after confirming their relationship in July They mostly stayed in their cars to keep their dates secret and announced that they broke up after dating for one and a half years. They were reported to have met each other 8 times a month, regularly. They got married inand their relatively small wedding kickstarted the trend of having small weddings.

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