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The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Private Military Contractor

Pros and Cons of Security Contracting

Uniforms from different branches and different countries worn in different ways; government employees and contractors abound. Despite what your mom told you, you can make some pretty good guesses about a person by what they wear and how they carry themselves, at least in these parts. Your uniform or civilian attire is how you outwardly project your place in the pecking order, and this is a culture where status and tribal affiliation is particularly prized. Defense contractors perform a wide variety of functions for our military overseas. Back in the day, Blackwater was the most in famous employer of these guys. Most are veterans of the special operations community.

Ive been to Afghanistan already and ive talked to alot of people. I think its going to turn into a situation where the war slowly fades away, but the SOF community will remain in pockets along with contractors.

Dating a defense contractor

Even if you wanted to work as a medic, you got alot of SOCOM medics and even your line medics 68w's and corpmen will land the gigs. The key thing is they all will probably have security clearances too. All I can say is it is not worth the money or risk.

Some of us made incredible money and I was one of those lucky one. Yah that is a load of crap, Almost 6 years out of the last 8 deployed, take out 6 months after getting clipped and what do I have today? The money sure as hell has not bought happiness. Two failed relationships and now working on the third. Once you are in it so hard to get out. I hate snivellers though. Life is what it is, suck it up and soldier on.

I am so sorry to hear that your relationships failed due to your career, that should never happen. Hahahaha a COP making mention that they started "diluting the pool"?

Nothing in the US law enforcement skill set prepared these guys for work in combat zones. Sorry, but the reason the 'pools were diluted' was YOU. I am sure half of you turds that are spitting bullshit about "honor" have never served at all. Just a bunch of suits sitting behind a computer like you know everthing. What is funny is that most contractors are FORMER military and a lot are SF guys who have already served and now want to make money for whatever the reason, in the end it's none of your GD business.

Stupid people, it is you that I hate risking my life for! And you sent this reply to me why? Your risking it for yourself and the money mate. Don't try to kid us. You want to do it If not then get out. What you're NOT keeping in mind Jay is that the article doesn't say whether or not this "Cop" as you put it, was former military or not What you DO need to keep in mind is that one of the biggest "preferences" in the hiring process is former military service weighing heavily towards a remotely combat related military occupational specialty I'm not interested, during my next contract, in getting my head blown off because of a prior Army floor sweeper next to me is too busy looking cool in his Oakleys.

If you'd ever done it, you'd know what I mean. I'm not speaking hypothetically, I'm speaking from experience. I'm a former Marine and I've been a contractor for the last 5 years, starting out as a PSD team member and working up to Project Management.

I've worked with several Cops funny enough, they were all either SWAT or had some sort of 'shootout' with a perp, or so they claimed and they pretty much embodied the term "fish out of water" as applied to Military-style operations or high threat protective security.

So, I know I cannot lump them ALL into one basket, but if I were in charge of recruiting I would steer well clear of Cops unless they had previous Military operational experience. Anybody can sit bitch in a sub, but when shit hits the fan, I want a Military combat vet. The Cops I've seen ascend the ladder on state programs weren't usually worth a damn either. I've gotten to the point where I have to tell it like it is. They're one of the big reasons the pool got diluted.

This guy in the article may have just been a product of getting in at the right time. Not so much. Spot on Jay I completely agree with you. The Cops screwed it all up.

It was constantly the Cops word versus the prior service guys word. These cops showed up and thought they could do what ever they wanted and they did. The rural cops and sheriffs were the worst! I got tired of dealing with the investigation drama.

However it did keep command busy and off of our asses. Power building contractors operate in the building business. They may be responsible for providing electrical power via wires to companies, homes, production facilities along with crops. Mercenaries have always been used by empires. Lots of people from Britain hired out to the East India Company and came back rich. There was an expression He came to a rich country a poor manhe left behind a poor country a rich man.

Now its Iraq and Iran instead of India. Colonialism is always about profit. The national army is there as a backstop to rescue the contractors when and if they screw up but the cutting edge of colonialism is always the private sector. Over the years of the wars we've paid dearly for corporate mercenaries and "contractors". The cost in dollars isn't the worst part of the price either. The use and toleration of Mercenaries is not compatible with representative democracy.

Talk all you want about patriotism and security, but good old IKE hit the nail on the head when he warned the American public about the dangers of this unholy alliance of interests.

If you Google "John Kleint," you won't come up with much. This time last year, Kleint was working for a military defense contractor that he won't. Looking to become a Private Military Contractor (PMC), but don't know the next thing to do is to craft an impressive resume that is up to date. Defense contractors perform a wide variety of functions for our military overseas. It's a common myth that they all make $, doing the.

What is missing in this article is the fact that taxpayers are paying forthe shift from a govrnment controlled military force to a corporate owned militry force. Just a supplement to our corporate owned Congress, President, Supreme Court. Corporations are people too. Funny how there are so many commie remarks and no corporate oligarchy concerns comming out of the tea party.

Dating/Relationships in the Military

But stop the BS Everyone knows that the federal government pays for contractors How do we know check Fedbid Respect a man for his choice if he wants to be a contractor great. If you want to stay in the military and serve sounds good to me. There is nothing New here your wasting breath. You respect someone not for making a choice but for the choice they make. And if one chooses to be a mercenary I do not respect that.

We have a national military, and that, instead of private mercenary, is where the honorable people go. America is still a nation, not a grubby job fair, a real nation - at least for a while. The bottom line you guys don't seem to realize is this: The Department of State has never employed the Military for protection.

That, my friends, would be due to the fact that the DoD and the DoS are two different entities. There are expanded Embassy missions on a scale in Iraq and Afghanistan that the USA has never seen on this scale, hence the need for contractors. How in the hell do you get off thinking that they're mercenaries?

You clearly don't have a clue what you're talking about, you're misinformed, and you're making an ass out of yourself.

Private Security contractors are just that The do NOT go out looking for fights, they are strictly a defensive tool to guard against insurgent attacks. Whether they are escorting a VIP, or a shipment, or taking care of matters on base, it's on a very professional level that does NOT include "shoot first, ask later"!

Next time you want to start running your mouth about a subject, do your homework first! You should at least appreciate that they have it in them to do what you probably don't I deployed twice to Afghanistan, and even a tour in Iraq.

I know first hand what these guys do, and I for one appreciate them! A good blog always comes up with new and extinicg information and while browsing and reading plenty of blogs, I have feel that this blog is really have all those quality. Keep posting. All the very best!! They now give it a politically correct name of 'security contractor'.

If they were truly patriotic they would stay in the military and serve in that capacity. Boils down to one word. Its the big shots who run the Security Co. It the military that wants us there. Talk to a Contractor and hear the truth. You should really stop talking about things that you do not fully understand. The name "Mercenary" implies that they actively hunt out and kill people.

These men and women are here purely for security i. They guard things. Please, feel free to strap on your best set of combat boots you'll have to break them in for awhile first, as you've never worn them beforelock and load, and come join us over here so you can see for yourself. You are there by choice not by chance. Making the immediate big bucks comes at a cost. You signed a contract, maybe you should have read it and made better choices or remained in the military for a career.

We all knew what we were getting into. Stop whinning, no one forced you to go! Talk to a real contractor you got the wrong picture. One day soon, our reckless economic and military ignorance will be called an act of war. Who will come save us from ourselves? Will they say they are defending their strategic interests? What if they say they are protecting the freedoms of humanity and democracy?

Cry me a effin' river. You guys know that you could re-join the military if you wanted to. And you want to bitch? Please, give me a break. The time when the contractor is bidnidg on your job and trying to convince you to hire him is the honeymoon period this is when your relationship with the contractor is going to be at its best, most friendly. If the contractor is treating you badly during this time, can you imagine how he's going to treat you when the work on your home starts and he's essentially got you by the family jewels?

Don't bother to try to track down someone who can't be bothered to give you the bid on your job. He's telling you loud and clear that he doesn't want your job and your money. Move on and find someone else. I guess that what you get when you want to be a Mercenary and work for profit instead of a sense of Patriotism. I'm a veteran and I can tell you that many people not all join the military for the benefits such as the G.

Bill, and the bonuses. The only reason they don't go into private security is because they don't have the qualifications that PSC's have. Besides, wouldn't you leave your job for a higher paying job? And since most of these people have served in the military prior to becoming PSC's, I can't help but ask have you served? Have you even been to Iraq or Afghanistan?

I hate it when military folks pull this "have you ever served" nonsense. Just because someone has never been to Afghanistan or Iraq that means they aren't allowed to express their opinion about what's going on over there? How do you feel about China? Wait, don't answer that because if we follow your logic you aren't allowed to have an opinion unless you've actually been there. To leave one line of employment for another that pays more is common, morally neutral, and is a matter of capitalism.

The contractor is a corporation, not this soldier. The corporation will evenally p tem minimum wag and hire them from thr world countries. Paid for by your tax dollars. Spoken like a mongoloid that would work for State. Jealous of Military Vets making cash. If you were qualified to work PSD, then you should try it.

Probably not qualified. Jay So much for duty, honor, country. It's all about the money these days, be it Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, or Xe. No more "band of brothers" or "leave no man behind" nonsense or public i. Just go get yours and forget everyone else. Working a government military job with GI benefits paid for by taxpayers? Get a real job, like working for a corporation that gets paid for with government taxpayer contracts!

D.C. | PAY: $ $ + Benefits | START DATE: Immediate. a wide range of jobs available within the defense and private security industry . The most trusted source for vetted private security and military contractor professionals.

I have no problem with that. You gonna form a union, go on strike and protest like a commie when he does? Those Blackwater contractors burned and hanged on the bridge in Fallujah were under-staffed and under-equipped, to save money of course.

One more dead contractor, one less paycheck to pay out, no life insurance to pay out, increase the corporate profit margin, hide behind national security legal immunity laws to nullify any lawsuits.

I didn't know they got privatized. Of course, privatizing our entire military would save loads of money on benefits, insurance, and retirement. Heaven forbid our military troops turn into fat, lazy, overpaid commie union goons. If they do, fire them and outsource their jobs, and hire Chilean ex-special forces who are equally competent and accept lower pay. That's what Erik Prince is doing. It's a smart business model, since every other American corporation Apple-FoxConn is already doing it to cut costs.

You are paying rent and she is busting into your room??? WTF I don;t know how you remained so calm especially when she said she was going to call the police and say you raped her Also, try decaf. Just because you can write bull crap in CAPS, doesn't make it important or even true. I'm not sure what's crazier, the obvious mental patient that apparently has found his way to our side of the locked door or the Seattle chick thinking she is having an actual conversation that has some kind of meaning with an individual that I can visualize as having 2 squirrels running around in his head.

He is beyond meds, he needs a bench in a grassy courtyard that is surrounded not only by a very tall fence with that sharp wire at the top but one that has video monitors and guards to prevent an escape. When you wake up, get out of bed veeeeery carefully and go to the nearest window. Look out of that window. Everything you will see is Not Real. It is ALL make-believe.

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Contracts For Aug. 30, 2019

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Pam Lassila I think we overlook private security guards but they are people too and do incredible things. Joy Butler It is crazy to think that security contractors working in very risky conditions are not compensated as much as you would think. Curtis Oh, they are paid handsomely! July 20, at pm Reply. March 1, at pm. AJ I think my husband worked for one of these companies he never got paid. August 25, at pm Reply. August 4, at pm Reply.

Clarke Hi Jesse Kubeshsend me an email at samaritan. I might have a job offer for you August 2, at pm Reply. Amos I have experience in various fields of military having worked for Kenya defence forces. Chris They are no longer Blackwater November 19, at pm Reply.

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Executive Security Miami January 13, at am Reply. Mazhar Shahzad i need help. March 6, at am Reply.

Contracts that are still in the bidding process will cause the company to stall and lead you on about the start date. Contracts that have been. At the height of the boom in the years following the start of the Iraq war, private security contractors with military or law enforcement experience. Contractor personnel are employees of a contractor they are subject to the laws that . were once government employees themselves (e.g., retired military or former civil servants). (b) Date, time and exact location of accident/incident.

Charlotte Poteet Wherever you go, I will adhere to Well written! Glory Outstanding job again. June 8, at pm Reply. Tam Useful write up. You constantly produce the ideal content and Confessions of a private security contractor CNN Security Clearance is no different June 8, at am Reply. February 14, at pm Reply. MIke diet nutrition weight loss Scott I planned on a one-year tour with Dyncorp as a police mentor, then out. February 1, at am Reply.

David Scott, Hey i read your post and would like to speak with you a bit more in-depth about you time spent over there. Thanks so much March 21, at am Reply. Nick Listen, anyone who says cops aren't good partners must of been working with someone from a Bum town Georgia. July 26, at am Reply.

Mike As a former Paratrooper from the 82nd we saw lots of ate up cops with the nasty girls. December 9, at am. China Hood Greetings from California! Police Blog I was very pleased to find this great site. November 26, at am Reply. Samsung Galaxy S3 trotz Schufa Wonderful work! June 16, at pm Reply. Raj Well, war in time, was getting more clmopex. October 11, at am Reply. Barry Everybody needs to relax this company doesnt even throw that type of money around now to their security contractors.

John Academi still has jobs that pay a day and up. December 26, at am Reply. Confessions Great idea! May 10, at am Reply. March 15, at pm Reply. Jay Sue, If his father already works for that company why not ask him? Barry Jay is right, those big pay days are slowly going away.

May 15, at am. October 6, at pm Reply. Shelley I am so sorry to hear that your relationships failed due to your career, that should never happen. July 28, at pm. Bird Some relationships are more enduring than others. You have people that are always with you. July 26, at am. February 15, at am Reply. Operator I am sure half of you turds that are spitting bullshit about "honor" have never served at all. May 2, at pm Reply.

Jay And you sent this reply to me why?

"I'm only going to do a year." That's what I told myself, my girlfriend and my daughter back in A lot of us said it, and most of us meant it, but. U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command, Fort Hood, in Hammond, Oregon, with an estimated completion date of Sept. I'm questioning the man I've been dating as he says he is a contractor for the military. He does maritime security as well as gets deployed to the middle east aND.

May 2, at pm. May 21, at pm. Bill; Ex British Infantry. Now imployed in the oil indistry. Big money, benefits and penstion. Circiut What you're NOT keeping in mind Jay is that the article doesn't say whether or not this "Cop" as you put it, was former military or not May 12, at pm Reply. Jay I'm not speaking hypothetically, I'm speaking from experience.

Mike Spot on Jay I completely agree with you. Building for rent Power building contractors operate in the building business. Prabuddha Mercenaries have always been used by empires.

January 2, at pm Reply. Kitty Over the years of the wars we've paid dearly for corporate mercenaries and "contractors". January 2, at am Reply. SLFD Look There is nothing New here your wasting breath January 1, at pm Reply. Stewart You respect someone not for making a choice but for the choice they make. Jay The bottom line you guys don't seem to realize is this: The Department of State has never employed the Military for protection.

Well, there's the facts. How about leaving your emotions out of arguments. Thank you. Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems, Moorestown, New Jersey, is being awarded a sole-source, cost-plus-incentive-fee and firm-fixed-price contract. Under this follow on contract, the contractor will design, develop, integrate, test and certify the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense BMD 6. Aegis BMD 6. The work will be performed in Moorestown, New Jersey, with an estimated completion date of December Work will be performed in Louisville, Kentucky, and work is expected to be completed by August ; if the option is exercised, work will be completed by August Annual working capital funds Navy will be obligated as individual task orders are issued and funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.

One firm was solicited for this non-competitive requirement under authority 10 U. Code c 1 and Federal Acquisition Regulation 6. Progeny Systems Corp. Also included in this procurement are related engineering and hardware repair services and provisioned-items orders.

If all options are exercised, work will continue through August This contract was competitively procured via the Federal Business Opportunities website, with three offers received. Design Partners Inc. The work to be performed provides for architect-engineer services to include, but are not limited to, the execution and delivery of military construction project documentation; functional analysis and concept development workshops; design charrettes; design-build request for proposal solicitation documents; design-bid-build design contract documents; cost estimates; technical surveys and reports including concept studies; site engineering investigations and surveys; collateral equipment buy packages; comprehensive interior design, to include structural interior design; and furniture, fixtures, and equipment packages; and post construction award services.

No task orders are being issued at this time. The term of the contract is not to exceed 60 months with an expected completion date of August Future task orders will be primarily funded by military construction planning and design funds.

This contract was competitively procured via the Navy Electronic Commerce Online website with five proposals received. Kellogg Brown and Root Services Inc. The work to be performed provides for but is not limited to, all management, supervision, tools, materials, supplies, labor and transportation services necessary to perform galley services, bachelor quarters and laundry services, facility management, emergency service requests, urgent service, routing service, minor work I and II, facilities investment, custodial, pest control service, integrated solid waste, grounds maintenance, wastewater, operate reverse osmosis water treatment system and base support vehicles, environmental, fire emergency services and explosive safety officer services.

This bridge period is from September to May No funds will be obligated at time of award. Al Larson Boat Shop Inc. Work will be performed in San Diego, California, or contractor facilities on the West Coast and is expected to be completed by September No funding will be obligated at time of award.

Work will be performed in San Diego, California, and is expected to be completed by Oct. No funds will be obligated at the time of award. The energy conservation project will be amortized for a term of 13 years with an annual rate of 2. The BOA allows for services without full and open competition pursuant to the statutory authorities of 10 U.

Honeywell International Inc. Work is expected to be completed by December Fiscal working capital funds Navy will be obligated as individual task orders are issued, and funds will not expire before the end of the current fiscal year. One firm was solicited for this non-competitive requirement in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.

Peraton Inc. Work will be performed in Colorado Springs, Colorado Work is expected to be completed Sept. This contract was awarded on a sole-source basis to Exelis Inc. The Korte Co. This task order is for a design-build construction project to renovate Hangar for the installation of two government installed training modules, Navigation, Seamanship and Shiphandling Trainer NSST 4.

NSST is a state-of-the-art naval ships bridge team trainer facility designed to replicate the environment found on the bridge of a Navy ship and utilize life-like scenarios with visual simulation to train Navy bridge teams. Work will be performed in Jacksonville, Florida, and is expected to be completed by March Three proposals were received for this task order. Northrop Grumman Systems Corp.

The LCS are fast, agile and networked surface combatants, optimized for operating in the littorals through outfitting seaframes with mission-specific mission packages. IntraMicron Inc. Work will be performed in Auburn, Alabama, and is expected to be complete by August In accordance with 10 U. Code c 5authorized or required by statute, this procurement was not competitively procured. Tekla Research Inc. Work will be performed in Washington, District of Columbia.

The period of performance is 60 months including a month base period, and four month option periods. Period of performance for the base period is Sept. Funds will not expire at the end of the current year.

This task order was procured using competitive procedures as a percent small business set-aside via SeaPort-e under a request for proposal NR Work will be performed in San Diego, California, and is expected to be completed by August

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