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Who is Jenna Marbles's Boyfriend? Lovelife about Jenna Marbles . MIJ Miner8

She adopted the Marbles screen name because her mum complained about Google search results. According to an interview with Variety , at first, she posted videos as Jenna Mourey. But she switched to the fake last name because her mother protested that the YouTube clips were showing up in Google searches and might put off prospective employers. She named her dog Mr. Jenna grew up always wanting a dog but never got the opportunity until she got Marbles while living in Boston. Now she has three dogs, Kermit, Peach, Italian greyhounds and Marbles chihuahua. We put out new videos every Wednesday!

When did julien and jenna start dating

With consistent uploading of videos about beauty, life hacks, pregnancy, and others, Jenna eventually became an Internet sensation and garnered over 18 million subscribers in her channel. Though she doesn't have works to credit with her specific salary, Jenna earns a hefty net worth from her YouTubing.

Jenna even bought a house in the early months of The couple had met when both of them were attending the graduate school at Boston University. For the record, Max and I did break up, but we're still friends forever.

Jenna Marbles Dating Boyfriend To Get Married! Perfect Romance Reflects. American YouTuber Jenna Nicole Mourey had experienced relationship her channel JennaMarbles in February and started posting videos. With their updates on their adorable relationship, Jenna, and Julien together. The two started dating since February but publicized it four months after in June and are still at it, as of this writing. Before that time, Julien Solomita. r/Jennamarbles: fan-subreddit for Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita fans. said they knew one another as friends/acquaintances before they started dating.

We were together for four years; you don't just break up and not hand scissor each other. The couple first met at a bar where Julien used to work.

They noticed each other after several meetings, and eventually became friends. They even share pictures of each other via Instagram and showcase their affection for each other.

In February of , she started dating Julien Solomita, though she did not officially announce their relationship until June Jenna and Julien moved in . After doing a little digging we found out Julian is also a writer for an mma website called bjpenn. Relationships Jenna Marbles has been in relationships with. Jenna and Max had been dating for four years, two years previous to Jenna's first Two years after Jenna started making videos and mentioning him in frequent.

The couple is since then living in their lavish house that consists of a pool and a double closet room. Perfect Romance Reflects.

Incredible forensic images when did julien and jenna start dating dating back decades unearthed for the first time from secret LAPD archive. girl im dating still.

He is 25 years old and is originally from Stanford CA. The two first met when he was hired to be her personal bodyguard and wad with her during a trip to Ireland. The couple started dating a short while after and begun posting Instagram pictures of them together.

Jenna Marbles' Dating Life With Boyfriend Julien Solomita-How It All Started? YouTube They eventually fell for each other and started dating. He was also featured in her videos on which they did each other's make up. Jenna was 22 years old when she first started her famous YouTube Channel in Julien Solomita is also a YouTube Personality just like Jenna. The couple started dating a short while after and begun posting Instagram pictures Max was also featured in Jenna's videos where they did each other's. In June of , she started dating Julien Solomita. In her video, “Drunk Makeup Tutorial Extras”, Jenna reveals that she really did get drunk for “Drunk.

They were spotted together in many places, they were basically inseparable, he was with her behind the cameras while filming her vlogs and videos.

Julien has also been gaining popularity in his career.

Aside from his vlog channel, he is the co-founder of Waffsicle, a production company which focuses on online content. The couple have been dating for more than four years now, and live in L. In early DecemberJenna announced her breakup with Max, because he cheated on her.

The young YouTube star was devastated due to her separation from her boyfriend of four years, but she managed to keep it low and saved him a bunch of hate from her followers. Jenna Marbles never mentioned having previous relationships other than with Max and Julien.

She was in long term relationship with Max and then got with Julien only months after her breakup. Jenna posts a variety of content on her YouTube channel and other ares of the Internet, but she never talked about what her ideal man in one of her videos.

She is a funny, light-hearted girl that is not afraid to show her life to all her followers, so her ideal man would probably be someone that is okay with lights being on him all the time, someone that is okay with all the attention and does well under the public eye.

Jenna Marbles has tackled many subjects on her videos and expressed her personal opinions for the public to know.

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