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Zodiac Signs: Pros & Cons


But, when it comes to astrology, each zodiac sign has their unique traits, both positive and negative. Here are the main pros and cons of each zodiac sign. Pros: Larger than life itself, the personality of an Aries is a fun one! They are stubborn towards releasing their feelings to others since they fear vulnerability. It will take time to open them up. Pros: If you enjoy a partner that offers a welcoming home and plenty of personal support, dating a Taurus is perfect for you. They enjoy nothing more than sheltering those who are around them with care and affection.

Zodiac Signs: Pros & Cons

Having examples to support your position in a disagreement will help the Leo approach it logically. Keep your relationship fresh and affectionate.

Idealism runs high, and plans will never fall short of their expectations. While it may be in their nature to charm each and every person they meet, it takes a patient person to stay confident in their loyalties. Ask them what is on their mind, and be attentive to the changes they want to be in the world. These romantic and philosophical personalities allow for the type of intellectual freedom anyone would crave. Always careful, their actions are weighed up until the very moment they are made.

Always present options to the Capricorn.

Forever inventive, the Aquarius has limitless potential for ideas and intellectual play. Mood swings are not strangers to the Gemini, so be prepared to never fully know what mood you may see on any given day. They are the sign that over excels when it comes to commitment. They treat their relationships with respect. Cancers are family oriented and put the people they love first all the time.

They avoid conflict like the plague, and sometimes wind up being walked on because conflict is far more jarring than keeping things even-keeled. And often times, without meaning to, they can come off as insensitive.

They are extremely reliable and will never stand you up or let you down. They are mature in their own manner and are great at taking care of others. Because of their high level of commitment to relationships, if they even slightly sense you are not as committed as they are, Virgos tend to freak out and go a little overboard.

As a matter of fact, they can make anyone feel special in their own unique way. They are simple in the sense that they just want to fulfill the greatest desires of their partners and be the thing desired most in the world. It can be frustrating loving a Libra because while you may be focused on commitment, they are too busy flirting on their own terms. Their outgoing nature can be a bit overkill for signs that need time to recharge away from high energy individuals.

Both sexually and emotionally, everything with a Scorpio is done with passion.

Their overly intense ways can be overwhelming for their partner, feeling impossible to get to all your layers. They are true adventurers at heart. They are forever seeking real truth and going deep and learning more and more.

They have few cares in the world, and they are always up to having fun and making you laugh. It can be extremely challenging to get them to settle down and commit, as they are always stimulated by new things, which lead way to giving mixed signals. In relationships they can be deemed as slightly immature as the moment they feel threatened, they are known to cut and run. They are always giving, and very forgiving. Well, that's life if you were born under the zodiac sign, Cancer.

Taurus pro: will cook for you. Taurus con: will eat most of it themselves. Gemini pro: charming and sweet. Gemini con: still charming and sweet. Consider this a know before you go Some signs aren't thrill-seekers. Others can be clingers. Here's a look at what each of the zodiac signs is. We are all created with our virtues and flaws. These are all the pros and cons of dating each zodiac sign.

They are like a swinging pendulum, actually worse, if possible! It is impossible to understand the reasons behind or the solution to their swinging mood, and it's best to give them personal space to keep everyone's emotional health on top of its game.

Pros: Insanely attractive, humorous, and mindbogglingly hot- you will feel that the whole room lights up when a Leo walks in. Their strong personality is impossible to ignore, and you'll make the best memories of your dating life with your Leo partner.

Their generosity knows no bounds, and they will shower you with endless physical and emotional gifts! Cons: A Leo is not the best person to approach if you're expecting sensitivity regarding others' feelings, and they can seem like a jerk to you. It is the hardest task to make them understand that they're the reason behind your hurt as they sometimes refuse to understand alternative perspectives, if their defensive edge is triggered.

Dating every Zodiac Sign... my experience (NOBODY is safe!)

The best way to make them see light is to explicitly support your argument with substantial examples! Pros: One of the most humble signs, a Virgo's adorably serious and grown-up attitude will comfort you. A bleak ray of reliability and motherly care in the guise of a Virgo partner is actually soothing. They will prove their worth time and again, with actions and not mere words.

Pros and cons of dating each zodiac sign

Cons: The dark side to this trait is that, the worrying Virgo will immediately doubt your sincerity if they sense even a hint of you failing to reciprocate the same commitment.

They can be overly touchy in that context, and may lose faith on you.

But, when it comes to astrology, each zodiac sign has their unique traits, both positive and negative. Here are the main pros and cons of each. Consider this a know before you go Some signs aren't thrill-seekers. Others can be clingers. Here's a look at what each of the zodiac signs is like when dating . This week we are doing something a little different and giving you our OPINIONS on the pros and cons of each zodiac sign. Whether its dating.

Keep your relationship fresh and affectionate! Pros: If your life was a romantic Bollywood film or a fairytale, your ideal hero or Prince Charming would possibly be a Libra! Known to be the best kissers? They bring their A-game when it's about flirting and pampering their partner, and will charm their way right through the barriers of doubt, straight to your heart. Cons: Don't mistake their overtly flirty nature to be a capricious stint, but yes, it takes patience to learn to trust a Libra.

Unless you enjoy the chase game, their tease sometimes becomes a little overbearing, and maybe, borderline exasperating. Also, since they naturally detest conflict, you could expect them to avoid argumentative conversations, or even worse, not have the guts to break up with you face-to-face. The relationship will be power packed from the start, oozing with passion and intensity, emotionally and sexually! Impressive characters with an achiever streak in them, dating a Scorpio is like embarking on an exciting mission.

Cons: Passion can be both a pro, as well as a con. If you are not willing to blow off so much steam, and are just looking for a casual fling.

A Scorpio's intensity can be overwhelmingly dominating, and altogether reek of melodrama! You might find them slightly aloof, and obsessed about their next plan of action in their hyper-active life.

The Pros And Cons Of Dating Each Zodiac. So which sign will make you laugh uncontrollably? And which is most likely to never return your. With every sign comes its pros and cons, and understanding how the universe works in yourself will help you understand how it works in your. With that, here are the pros and cons of dating your zodiac sign. Make sure to check out your moon sign as well to get an added perspective!.

Pros: Imagine a carefree hitchhike down an unknown path, where you're consumed by wander-lust and have no worries or care in the world; just an endless journey ahead with all the freedom you crave. That's how dating a Sagittarius feels like!

You will love their upbeat energy and philosophies, and might be enthralled at their love for new experiences- be it in the form of places or meeting new people.

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