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Friends - Spideypool

It was a good day. Spiderman and Deadpool had caught some really stupid bank robbers the night before tried to rob an ATM for God sake. Who does that? Not to mention that they were armed with water pistols and wore pantyhose for masks. The flesh colored ones. You could totally see their faces and it had been easy and fun to team up with his boyfriend.

Even the ones who work for the government. Besides, you have a shit ton of money from all those contracts from before you stopped killing innocents for cash.

I like to call it your reformation. Then he threw the shredded envelope at Peter's head.

Did they used to be called Williams and people just thought the name was too long? What made months so important? Why couldn't it have been every day or every week? Every year? Every hour? I don't mean that I'm going to make you go to that paying place every hour on the hour, sweetie Petey, I just want to know William!

Chapter Adoption; in which Peter attends a Family Luncheon. Peter's next move was to eat a really delicious hot dog with Wade at lunch the. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. isaDanCurtisproduction is the author of Petey and Wade Secret Dating Service ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 0 reviews).

Oh hellowhat's this? Wade shook his head and Peter's eyebrows shot up, but before he could confirm that it was then for himself, Wade, for some reason, felt the need to elaborate and started talking again which was no surprise actually, because he never really shut up.

It isn't exactly mercenary chic, or even ex-mercenary chic to give out my home address to people who have dirt on me, and bigger guns then me sadlyand who don't know I'm living with my very hot, very young, very innocent and smart and sexy and oh my god Peter do you wanna do that thing we saw in the back of Kama Sutra last week?

I know we've been saving it for a special occasion but I really can't wait and you're super flexible so I think we could probably handle it?

You're even, like, more flexible than the chick in the drawing, so I bet we could get your leg all the way up there. Better angle.


I wouldn't give it to them even if they asked, and especially not Stark, but they wouldn't send me letters anyway, Petey-Pie because this is the 21st century and no one uses snail mail. There's this new technology? Telephones, you just hold them to your ear" Peter threw a pillow at Wade's face, which he dodged, "or email, not that anyone uses that anymore eithertexting?

Peter made a grabby motion with his hand and Wade sighed in a put-upon manner as if Peter was the one who was being weird and troublesome and threw the letter at Peter's head. Wade stuck his tongue out at Peter in a perfect imitation of a five year old.

Hi there? Any fics where Wade gets jealous of other (superhero or civilian) Petey and Wade secret dating service (as in they are secretly dating, and that. / Petey and Wade secret dating service (as in they are secretly dating, and that serves to protect the world. ??????Petey and Wade secret dating service (as in they are secretly dating, and that serves to protect the world, in the loosest definition.

Peter ripped open the envelope, unfolded the letter, swatted at Wade who was trying to sit in Peter's lap and who was thus effectively blocking the letter from Peter's line of sight, and then read the troublesome thing not Wade, the letter. Then he read it again because it just didn't seem likely that he wasn't hallucinating he wasn't on any kind of drugs, he'd had the perfect amount of sleep and he wasn't drunkbut it seemed less likely that what he was reading was real.

Peter cleared his throat and flapped the letter, embossed and shiny and everything that screamed I-make-more-money-in-a-day-than-you-do-in-a-year, at his boyfriend. I could swear it was a letter from the great Tony Stark himself congratulating me for being accepted into his internship program, but that can't be right. You got in.

Peter breathed out harshly through his nose, and Wade sat down next to him on the couch. Peter's eyes were drawn almost at once to first the dangly bits between Wade's legs that were casually hanging out on their sofa, and then to Wade's eyes, which looked muddled and confused. I really didn't think I'd get in. It's a great program, super prestigious.

Petey and wade secret dating service

I thought, what's the harm in trying, it isn't going to happen. Because if it did happen, if I did get in," here his words were coming quicker, a note that real panic was setting in, "then I'd be working side by side with Bruce Banner and Tony Stark who are both amazing creatures of intellect and light, but also super super super smart Avengers who will definitely find out my secret identity and then I'll get them all killed or they'll throw me in jail for being an arachnid vigilante fighting guy and I just can't take that.

Spideypool: Wade Wilson x Peter Parker - Spider-Man's Bodyguard

Plus, I'll be in the same building as the rest of the Avengers, and if by some weird lucky-fate-chance-thing the two smartest scientists in the continental US don't figure out who I really am, there are lots of others who would be more than willing to de-mask me. And spies! He does. He really, really does.

But like almost everything in his life, this one kinda just came up and bit him without warning. It does, however, come with a mercenary with a mouth. Petey and Wade secret dating service as in they are secretly dating, and that serves to protect the world, in the loosest definition possible by isaDanCurtisproduction 28, Hot Cocoa and Heroes by ChuckleVoodoos 3, When a strange hero breaks into his apartment to hole up for the night, Peter Parker is not pleased.

And yet somehow he goes from swinging a baseball bat at the guy to sharing a mug of hot cocoa with him. Mistakes by WebbedUpKatanas 16, Peter has made a lot of mistakes in the past, and he knows having sex with Deadpool has to be one of the bigger ones on his list.

Be My Yoko Ono by silvercobwebs 12, Bad Timing by shewearsglasses 20, He never wanted to meet his real soul mate, but his timer just kept counting down. Petey and Wade discuss the proper way to go about vigilantism and maybe they fall in love too by isaDanCurtisproduction 33, Seven Years Went Under the Bridge by freakydeakymoonmagic 21, What I would do without you, Spock?

See, thats what the app is perfect for.

Hero by Lafaiette 25, Wade Wilson, consumed by cancer and hoping to find a cure with the Weapon X program, meets a little Peter Parker, lost in the streets.

Thank You by Lafaiette 7, Peter has seen him serious and focused, shy and hesitant, crazy and unpredictable, funny and cheerful, and he liked what he saw.

A Walk Through Hell by Atsvie 2, Of all the people to swoop in and play hero, Deadpool is the one to ensure that Peter stays alive after being held captive by the bad guys. On a sore wound by LePipi 2, Wade had been left to roam the apartment while Peter was out on one of his important meetings. Wade had quickly become addicted to the insatiable Peter Parker and all of his broken parts.

Wade walks in on Peter enjoying a little private time and Wade find himself eager to punish Peter for starting without him. No pun intended Okay, actually, it was definitely intended. Peter is always cold. Because of this, he has to always be sure to bundle up or wear layers. Peter may or may not have stolen a sweater or two.

Posts Ask me anything! Submit your favourite Spideypool fics! Peter has a rough life, okay?

(as in they are secretly dating, and that serves to protect the world, in the loosest definition possible) Of course, that all depends on whether or. dating support groups nederlandse dating site dating emploi lyon real hookup tips speed dating krakow english petey and wade secret dating service peter. Concerned about Spider-man's lack of a presence in the city, Wade finds out Petey and Wade secret dating service (as in they are secretly dating, and that.

He can have these little moments of innocent peeking, right? But oh god, is Mr.

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