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Styles motioning for you to come to him. With a puzzled look on your face, you saunter back into the now empty classroom. You awkwardly approach him, standing with your arms at your sides. He leans forward in his chair and rests his hands on his desk. He lifts his eyes and looks up at you through his eyelashes, and you feel a desire beginning to brew inside of you. Styles abruptly stands.

You squeal and giggle as your teacher presses himself against you.

Read HE'S YOUR TEACHER BUT YOU'RE DATING PT2 from the story One Direction Preferences 2 by Summer (Summer) with reads. zayn, one. Read Preference #11 Hes Your Teacher But Your Dating from the story One You were about to complain until Harry stood, grabbing your hand, "Let's go. Read HE'S YOUR TEACHER AND YOU'RE IN LOVE from the story One Direction Preferences by Shawnxgilinsky (ok) with reads. tomlinson, niallhoran.

Payne instructs, grabbing your hand and pulling you along with him. Niall: Right after the final bell rings, you hurry over to Mr.

The hallways are almost cleared by the time you reach his room, in a far corner of the building. The door is wide open, but you lightly knock on it anyway. You peek into the room to see Mr. Horan standing at his desk and gathering his papers.

My favorite student! Come in, sweetheart.

You both look up at the same time, and you realize how close you are. Your noses are almost touching. Your eyes meet with his, and for the first time, you notice how stunning his eyes really are.

The intensity of their color seems to lure you in, and before you know it, your lips are brushing against his.

Read HE'S YOUR TEACHER AND YOU'RE IN LOVE (PART 2) from the story One Payne begin to date in secrecy and you fall more in love with him each date. Preference: He's Your Teacher (Dirty) *requested* {Part 1} Harry: “(Y/N)! Put your bag down and crawl on top of my desk, will you? He leans in so that you can feel his breath on your skin and he says into your ear, “I'd be. Preference # He's your teacher, and you're secretly dating him (Request). Note Big Then he gave her one final glare before she hurried out of the classroom. No one I'd much rather be spending time with the sexiest teacher anyway.

The surprising part is that Mr. Your hands grab for his hair and you pull him in as close as he can possibly get with the desk in between.

He growls against your lips before pulling away. His chest heaves as he attempts to catch his breath, and in one swift movement, he pulls his shirt over his head and discards it on the floor.

Louis: With a book in your hands, you sharply turn at the end of the library aisle, only to bump into someone. You grip the book in your hands and your eyes trail over the figure in front of you, whom you soon identify as your favorite teacher, Mr. Instead, he places a finger underneath your chin, forcing you to look up at him. Your eyes widen and you freeze.

Harry Styles Dirty Imagine: My Teacher the Lover. Requested for Amber

Tomlinson takes the book from your hands and shoves it back on a random shelf. He quickly glances around him to make sure that no one is watching before pushing your back into the end of the book shelf. Your shoulders fall and a sigh of pleasure washes over you as Mr. His hands move back up to your face and he places the palm of his hand flat against the side of your face before leaning in.

You feel his hands frantically wandering over your skin, touching every part of your body.

Read He's your teacher and likes you from the story One Direction Preferences babe” Liam, or Mr Payne have been started secretly dating a few weeks ago. Read He's Your Teacher ;) from the story One Direction Preferences They were all deep in thought typing away at their school laptops . Read He's your teacher but you're dating from the story One Direction Preferences by Kris_Almighty (Kris) with reads. harry, louis, niall. Louis: You wal.

His hands creep up your thighs and he pulls his lips from yours, sucking in a deep breath. Tomlinson leads you in a sprint to his private office.

You find your locker and you quickly open it. You freeze as you hear footsteps. The footsteps are quickly matched with your gym teacher, Mr.

Malik, as you catch sight of each other. He wasn't the best at hiding his feelings for you either. You were the last person finishing the test, and class was almost over.

You nearly jumped when you felt Harry's hot breath on the back of your neck. You stammered for a moment, lost in his eyes. Suddenly, the bell rang, and the rest of the students hurried out of the classroom.

Harry gave you a sly smirk. Let's just say you didn't bother finishing your test. Liam You would've never expected yourself to end up with Mr. Your shy, sweet, English teacher. You knew all of your friends adored him, but they had no idea you two were actually dating.

You smiled to yourself and nodded in agreement. Both of you turned around and saw Liam standing there with a small smirk on his face. You tried not to smile, and your friend gave you a confused look. Then she seemed to realize what was going on.

As soon as Liam walked away, she grabbed your arm and leaned in close.

One direction preferences hes your teacher and youre dating

You sighed and nodded. The bell rang, and everyone headed out of the classroom, but you stayed behind. Before your friend left, she squeezed your arm and gave you a wink. You could only hope she wouldn't spread your little Louis "Incorrect answer. Out of my classroom. Now," Mr.

Read Hes your teacher and you love him. from the story One Direction Preferences!! by TheStylesBitch1 (Emily) with reads. boys, direction, one. BSM: You think you're dating one of the boys (Age ). If you have any ideas inbox me most of theses will be from twitter @1Dimagines as she is an amzing writter.

Tomlinson ordered a student who had just given the wrong answer. None of you were surprised. Tomlin--" the student started to say, but he cut her off. Shit was about to get real if this girl didn't listen to him.

No," Louis said. Then he gave her one final glare before she hurried out of the classroom. No one messed with Mr. Luckily, the class ended, and everyone left--except you.

You always stayed after class to hang out with Louis, and no one really seemed to care. He glanced up at you and smiled. Instead of answering, you leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. Niall You stayed in the back of the classroom, hoping Niall wouldn't care that you were whispering with your friends while he taught the lesson.

You two were pretty close--closer than everyone else thought--so you didn't think it really mattered.

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