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The real reason why Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young broke up

They also spent their leisure time going on drives. They are not dating. We have never admitted to them dating. A media outlet contacted us on August 22nd saying that they had photos of Park Min Young and asked us to check it out. We met with the reporter that day and found that they were just pictures of a meeting between friends. But now, our curiousity has come to and end! It is true that these two have developed warm feelings for one another.

After completing SBS 's 'City Hunter', the duo had revealed their relationship to the public during the summer last year. Although Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho called it quits a while ago, they were reluctant to reveal their separation as they had to consider their agencies' positions. Park Min Young's side stated, " It has been a while since the two met.

Because it was embarrassing to directly reveal that they broke up and she had to consider the agency's position, she did not reveal that she cleaned up their relationship. Lee Min Ho also had to film for his advertisements and attend his oversea activities, and we know that he is very busy The two could not meet often and naturally broke up.

If the two had broken up, Lee Min Ho would have told us and there has been no story yet. Source: Daily Sports via Nate. Log in to comment.

Night Mode. I just. Anyways, objectively speaking, they look cute together. From the hype, I hope their on screen chemistry is good. I like MinMin couple. God I envy Park Min Young.

Lee Min Ho’s Agency Now Denies Dating Rumors with Park Min Young?

She's like Scarlet Johanson did i spell it right? Good luck to her fangirls are not easy to please Hope them happiness.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Why do they release the news so soon right after City Hunter? I hope that's not a deal. Maymay August 23, at PM.

Me too. Maymay August 24, at AM. Oh yeah, he did say that before. Well, PMY is certainly petite. Still so happy for them. Raine August 23, at PM.

No word: :. Kangling August 23, at PM. Maymay August 24, at PM. That devil on your shoulder, can't ignore him no matter how hard you try.

I am happy for them but Minho is no longer single and ready to mingle!!! Maymay August 22, at PM. This is one happy MinMin shipper! Mouri August 23, at AM.

It was revealed today that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have been dating for a month so far, following the end of their popular drama “City. Although Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho called it quits a while ago, they Lee Min Ho's agency is still confirming the news with the actor as a. Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young confirm they're dating. by javabeans. javabeans: The City Hunter and Nana Bear?!! They've just confirmed it.

Best of Luck to you both!! Soua August 23, at PM. He better treat her right!!!! I think they are both lucky to have each other. I sincerely hope they will not be driven apart because of the media or the fans.

Marina August 23, at AM.

I'm happy for them. I really am.

Isabelle August 22, at PM. Not until he is married sister. Amen to that.

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young real life couple

LOL So true! Jones August 22, at PM. And even then I'm sure god negotiates. Diana Hansen August 23, at AM. Maymay August 23, at AM. Yes, I love Ever After. I'm just glad someone recognize the quote. Ivoire August 23, at AM.

"Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young known each other for a while, and they As a MIN-MIN shipper, I'm really happy about this dating news of the two stars. So when it got confirmed that she will play the role of LMH's love. Lee Min Ho has found a girlfriend. She's no other than his City Hunter (drama) co-actor, Park Min Young. Their agencies confirmed that the pair started dating. Park Min Young's agency, King Kong Entertainment, stated, “When the two appeared in the drama together, they were quite in tune with one.

Hi Maymay, you had me laughing to tears, literally!!! Oladele timilehin October 17, at AM. Corn Tea August 23, at AM. Sign me up for the afterlife with LMH.

Love this. Ivoire August 23, at PM. Maymay, Ha, ha, ha West coast rendezvous? Niki August 22, at PM. Make city-babies and baby-bears!!! GrandmaFran August 22, at PM. LOL thanks for the laugh.

Carinne August 23, at AM. How young do you need to be for bow-chica-bow-wow? First reaction And to think ive been wondering who will be the lucky girl to capture Lee Min Ho's heart. Park Min Young is the luckiest girl ever. Im happy for both of them though. KiddyOmalley August 22, at PM. I want to go to Korea just to joyfully throw confetti over them. So do I, they're so awesome. Princess August 22, at PM. Count me in!

V August 22, at PM. Cynthia August 22, at PM. I don't think so, not since BOF at least. I don't know about the dramas before BOF. Eleven11 August 22, at PM. Its fate No wonder that kiss scene on the roof of her house lasted so long :P. MeeisLee August 22, at PM. Heh, funny how 3 people and I post at the same time.

And yes please! KompaktneHaare August 23, at AM. I must ask does she tell him to buy chicken chicken in real life? Corn tea August 22, at PM.

Kudos to them for being open about it. I now want to see their wedding pictures! Pat August 22, at PM.

They make such an adorable couple!!!! How old is she.

Lee min ho and park min young dating confirmed

Tiger will eat rabbit right. I'm chanting along with you:. City Hunter 2 please!

I'm sad but at the same time happy for them. CH2 please, and thanks, bye now. Min-Min make a handsome pair and I wish them well. Persophone August 22, at PM.

It's official. Drama City Hunter co-stars, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young confirmed that they are an item. The two were long time acquaintances. 23 Aug – The leads from the popular Korean drama "City Hunter"; Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, went from co-stars in love to dating in real. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, having just starred in the well-received City Hunter, has just confirmed they are dating. On one hand, I am.

Rooting for the next couple to announce HwanHye couple and Geun2x couple. TgM4 August 22, at PM. Now thatz a pair I would love to see! August 22, at PM. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 … Page 8 Next page.

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