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Amazon Alexa now lets you listen to paid Pandora Premium accounts - CNET

Does the Amazon Echo work with Pandora?

But if you're an Alexa user you may have already listened to Pandora on your Echo device. That's because Alexa previously let you listen to the free version of Pandora with ads -- but it didn't support paid accounts until now. Pandora Premium for Alexa supports the company's AutoPlay feature, which keeps playing similar music even when the song or album you requested has finished. You can also listen to Pandora's curated Featured Playlists. To listen just say, "Alexa, play Pandora" or set Pandora as your default music streamer in the Alexa app and request a song. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

How do i hook up pandora to alexa

But if you prefer those other services, or even subscribe, you can play through one of those instead by saying " Alexaplay Brendan Benson's 'My Old, Familiar Friend' on Spotify. Of course, having to tack on the name of your preferred service every time you ask for music is a little cumbersome.

Good news! It's possible to make Spotify and other streaming services your default music source on the Echo, thereby eliminating the need to say "on Spotify" after each request.

Here's how. Open the Alexa app on your phone, and tap the hamburger menu the three parallel lines in the upper left-hand corner.

After that, your Pandora will be associated with the Echo app and your list of stations will appear. Just select whatever you want to play to the. But if you prefer those other services, or even subscribe, you can play through one of those instead by saying "Alexa, play Brendan Benson's. Previously, Alexa only supported the free version with ads. To listen just say, " Alexa, play Pandora" or set Pandora as your default music.

But this is not where you'll find the big music streaming services you're looking for. Under Alexa Preferencestap Music. This is the menu you will need to come back to any time you want to manage your music settings.

In the Music menu, tap Link New Service. Google Music is not an option.

There is another option which is called 'Alexa Play Pandora'; this option will make you play the last played station you were listening to as soon as you click it. Once your account is linked, just ask Alexa to play your favorite music and begin listening. Set Pandora as your default music service for an effortless listening. Explains how to connect Pandora to Alexa for play on your Amazon Echo smart speakers. Gives instructions, tips, and advice for playing.

When you select any service, you'll be directed to a new page. Then enter it in the -step 1 of 3- screen above. If you followed all the steps above, then you now have a Pandora account. So, no need to sign up for a new one here.

Make Spotify or Pandora the default music player on your Amazon Echo

So, choose this option that allows you to sign in with that existing account. Then, you get the Pandora Login screen, as shown next. Then tap the blue Lookup Account button. Tap the white X Close button in the upper right-hand corner. Doing so returns you to the Music Service Choices screen, as shown next. This time however, the Pandora entry no longer shows the -Link account on Pandora.

Press the blue -Choose default music services- button.

This brings up the Choose default music services screen, as shown in the next picture. Here we have three choices for our default music service.

It's quite easy to listen to Pandora using your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or other Alexa device. You can even rate music as it plays, which helps Pandora cater the custom radio station to your personal tastes. Pandora will confirm you're ready to start using your account with your. Request or create a station: "Alexa, play [artist] radio on Pandora." If Alexa can't find what you're asking for in your collection, she'll automatically create a station. There are instructions on Pandora's help page, on how to set Pandora as the default Alexa music service. Open the Alexa companion app and.

Amazon Music shows as selected its radio button is blue. Now the count of choices you see, depends on how many music services set up prior.

How To Connect Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music To Alexa!?

Thus, Pandora now appears as one of the default music service choices to make the default. You need not make Pandora the default music library.

Request or create a station : "Alexa, play [artist] radio on Pandora. Troubleshooting Pandora and Alexa Issues with Alexa are usually specific to the network you're using to access Pandora, so we recommend starting by rebooting your modem and router.

If you're still having the same problem, then please try the following steps: Check to see if there are any updates available for your Amazon Alexa app or Pandora app and update if needed. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Amazon device. Restart your Amazon device by unplugging the power source and plugging it back in. Restart the Pandora app and Alexa app on your mobile device. Pandora on Amazon Echo and Alexa.

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