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How to Set Up the Google Home Mini . Tom's Guide

Google Home Mini Unboxing, Setup & Full Tutorial

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Google Home: A Quick Start Guide

To get started, first plug your Google Home device into the wall. Wait a few minutes for it to light up, and it will then begin looking for your phone to set up a connection.

Google Home Mini - The Best New Features!

When prompted, agree to turn on location permissions, as this makes it easier for the device to report accurate local weather, let you know the nearest Walgreens, etc. Be sure your smartphone is connected to your home Wi-Fi, as this is how the Google Home will be able to access your network information. If you already have a gmail. Head on over to Gmail.

Using your new Gmail account, sign into the Google Home app, then go to Devices and allow your mobile device to detect the Google Home. A series of numbers will show up on the screen of both your Home Hub and on your phone, and these numbers should match.

In order to provide you with accurate commute times, Google Assistant will need to know the addresses which you call home and work. The Google Home app will prompt you to take a tutorial, which we recommend you do.

Going through a tour of the device will give you a sense of the wide array of functions that Google Home devices and Google Assistant offers and how to use them effectively. Now to the important stuff music! You'll hear a chime when it's successfully connected and tap " yes " again. Choose where your device is i. Next, you can help Google learn your voice with Voice Match so you can give commands and get more personalized results.

It might already know your voice if you've been using Assistant on your phone.

Can't wait to start using Google Home device? This quick start guide will have all set up and running in a few simple steps.

If you haven't set up Voice Match, follow the prompts from Google. Once the Assistant is trained, tap Continue.

How do i hook up google home mini

Then you'll choose your assistant's voice male or female; no cool accents, sorry. Choose one and tap Next.

Enter your home or office address, so that your Google Home can share localized specifics like the weather and traffic. If you do subscribe, linking your account will skip the ads and let you access your custom playlists.

Follow the prompts during your initial set up, or add it later. If you're a big TV and movie fan, don't skip this step! Give it a test drive to make sure it's working before moving on.

The device also supports your Chromecast. You don't have to link a debit or credit card to your Google Home by any means, but if you do, it can make certain tasks easier.

Did you recently buy a Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max or Home Hub? It's time to set up your brand new smart speaker or smart display. Set up Google Home Mini in three simple steps. Set when Google Home Mini responds, learn how to make calls and understand touch controls. From the cute, little Google Home Mini to the roof-raising Sony XBG, setting up any Google Assistant speaker uses the same, simple app.

You can shop on Google Express, order takeout or call Uber or Lyft. You can add a payment card during your initial set up by tapping " Add a payment method " in the setup screen in the Google Home app.

You can add any of these services and platforms later.

Google might have your card saved depending on your shopping habits. If you want to add a different card, tap Add Credit or Debit Card.

If your card is already listed, tap the card number. From here you can customize your settings. Toggle yes or no to let Google allow Assistant to make purchases, authorize your identity before paying or use your fingerprint to confirm your identity.

4. jot-google-home-mini Setting up your Google Home speakers take just a few steps with the app. Chris Monroe/CNET. Google Home ($99). Can't wait to start using Google Home or Google Home Mini? This quick start guide will have all set up and running in a few simple steps. Google's smallest smart speaker is a cinch to set up, but it involves multiple steps. You've got yourself one of Google's adorable Home Mini smart speakers, but now that you've unpacked the box and plugged it in, you're trying to figure out how to get the whole thing set up.

Finally, confirm that the card details and your address are correct and tap Done. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

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