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'What Not To Wear’ Host Clinton Kelly Hated Costar Stacy London

Stacy London - Ideas Series 2016

By Jessica Sager. A post shared by stacylondonreal stacylondonreal on Jan 16, at am PST. I can block ex-friends and ex-lovers, people I feel wronged by, but to what end? The problem is the more I hold on to my anger, the more I hurt, not them. Forgiveness is something you give yourself to move on, to find peace, to let go. So I unblocked a bunch of people today. If this resonates, maybe you can too.

When you dress with quiet sophistication and participate in the appropriate trends for your age and body type, you exude confidence and class.

Is there a celebrity who seems to follow most of your dos? Clinton: Several women have met their husbands immediately after leaving What Not to Wear. After she left the studio, she felt a level of confidence so strong that she was able to go home and dump the guy she was seeing who basically treated her like crap.

Clinton: I keep in touch with about former contributors in one way or another. As far as keeping up their appearance, I believe in the rule of thirds: One third stay looking fabulous, another third try with mixed results and the last third immediately revert to their old ways.

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Popular in TV. The day I celebrated my first anniversary of life after spine surgery — December 13 — I found out I was going broke. Well, not broke broke, but running out of cash fast. And, over the past year and a half, I had been burning through it hard and without a second thought.

Two months after it was revealed Stacy London blocked her former “What Not to Wear” co-host Clinton Kelly on Twitter, the stylist somewhat. If you happened to binge-watch any of the TLC series What Not to Wear (the inarguably greatest makeover show in all of history) between the. Clinton Kelly and co-host Stacy London seemed like jovial best friends on TLC's long-running makeover show, What Not to Wear. But behind.

But turned out to be a year marked by breakdowns. Not just politically, although that would be an obvious reason to feel unhinged; I had a lot happening personally as well. Because when shit happens, no one necessarily tells you shit can get seriously expensive, too.

Clinton Kelly on His ‘What Not to Wear’ Co-Host Stacy London: ‘We’ve Had Our Ups and Downs’

Said breakdowns officially began in December Although I was financially secure at the time, I was untethered to a job and had been since the year before, when Love, Lust or Run ended. That year was always intended to be a kind of sabbatical. But by the end of it, it was clear that after four years of chronic back pain, staved off with steroid shots, I was going to need surgery. And not just any surgery, very expensive spinal surgery. My doctor had to go in and fuse vertebrae that were loose because they were grinding against each other, effectively turning my discs to powder.

This is a pretty common surgery, apparently.

I was told the recovery time would be about six weeks. I thought, I can handle six weeks. Especially if it would end my chronic pain and set me up for a successful Not to get too graphic, but imagine trying to BEND a healing spine over to vomit while having explosive diarrhea.

Yep, I got too graphic. I went there. I underestimated the extent to which my cognition would be compromised.

Everything was foggy, like I was under water. And even as the brain fog began to lift, I was still in pain and always tired. I had nothing to hold on to.

In fact, I would have thrown money at anything — material or procedural — to make the recovery process easier. I felt secure enough not to panic right away — I just had to get through six weeks, right? But it became obvious that six weeks was just the start of my recovery, including the first follow-up visit to my surgeon post-surgery which I am still paying off. Without a job to go to, and with a good enough excuse not to, I started to spend money almost mindlessly: I ordered in food twice a day mostly Bareburger and mostly with the Caviar app.

I bought toys for my dog Dora — toys I could barely pick up.

Clinton and stacy dating

Online shopping, of course! Well, for me anyway. As a result, my phone is now home to every brand and retail app on the planet, each at the ready for swiping and shopping-cart-filling aplenty. This sounds almost ridiculous as I type it.

I consider myself to be a smart person. There are very few things I consider hard to admit, but this is one of them. Always being independent and being on my own has been a point of pride for me.

I want what I want when I want it, dammit! Shopping provided me with a very interesting version of magical thinking at this time.

And it was easy to fool myself. But those giant vintage sterling chandelier earrings by some fancy Italian designer that were so heavy my lobes literally rejected them? Some time after the eight-week mark, I started to feel…well, weird. Like something was eating me alive. As it turns out, what I had been feeling was clinical depression who knew?

She isn't married to any husband yet, but she is possibly dating a boyfriend In , Stacy and co-host Clinton Kelly wrote a book titled Dress. Stacy London On Her Year Of Going Broke . Another dear friend of ours from college, whom I dated and lived with for almost three years and. Clinton Kelly and Stacy London of 'What Not To Wear' apparently aren't talking to each other anymore! Clinton discovered the hard way that.

The body is traumatized on a deep, subconscious level. And no one really explained this to me.

You know what is a great salve for depression? More fantasies.

More shopping. A kind of hell, really. I begged my surgeon to let me start physical therapy a bit early, which made a difference. In fact, having appointments gave structure to my days and a way to chart my healing. But then By the end of Februarywhile I was still wearing a brace, my boyfriend asked for a break. In some sense, I think he thought I would heal more quickly than I did.

What Happened To Stacy And Clinton From What Not To Wear?

During that two-week break, I agonized even more — this time, about losing him, not just my grip on my own life. I kept thinking that if I could just be cheerier, like my old self, we would get through it. When we sat down after those two weeks, he wanted to break up. At this point, I was trying to heal two broken things: my spine and my relationship.

I managed to convince him we could make it through.

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly were the dynamic duo from the hit makeover Keep reading to find out what Clinton and Stacy are up to — separately — as well as Phaedra Parks Is Dating One of 'The Real Housewives' Why Was Stacy London's Toughest Year Ever (and It's Not . RELATED VIDEO: Clinton Kelly Reveals Stacy London Blocked Him on. Stacy London (born May 25, ) is an American stylist/fashion consultant, author, and She moved into television by co-hosting What Not to Wear with Clinton Kelly, and doing fashion As of that date, there are stylists in 24 cities.

So he went to therapy.

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