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The Stupids (1996) (Movie Nights) (w/ Phelan Porteous)

Well announce it to anyone who managed to not hear about it yet at this point. If you want to read more about why Allison and I left Channel Awesome here are our posts discussing it. I agree. The fun and convenience of it being all my favorite reviewers under one roof is gone. The worst was that it started feeling more like a money making business than a fun group of people enjoying their mutual hobby with others, which was the big appeal…It was a significantly smaller Youtube without the awful Youtube crowd.

They never responded to my attempt to contact them about it… I paid like 70 bucks. Happy to see that you left at the right time. I had already removed the link by the time this happened due to the new site being a confusing mess. Brad is the only one I still watch from CA, as everyone else I cared for left. Hearing of what happened to that quiz show and some really shady practices you all did well in leaving the site before it got real ugly. May there be comradery once again! I am late to the party as usual, I had no idea as to any of this and for weeks and weeks I was wondering why there was no new videos from yourself and Alison.

I actually joined your site a few months back, because I wanted to see part 2 of a video you posted and some dude said in the comments that your own site had already uploaded it. I was unaware you had your own site at that point.

Although I seldom leave comments. I am basically just typing this to show you my support and to say that I find your reviews really quite creative and most importantly funny.

In fact one of my favourite scenes from your vids is the one where you play a character dressed up like a certain guy with glasses and called yourself Mr. Explainy Pants. That had me in stitches, as has many other stuff you have done, things like The Time Machine I Found At A Yard Sale, the Halloweenie product reviews and the explosion filled Birdemic 2, but I have a more serious question for you.

I know it is a very personal question and I deserve no answer but I ask out of my own desperation with the illness, not to mention concern for you. Congrats man.

I think this was the right move. I just found out about all this stuff and immediately went to your Patreon to chip in. Keep making videos, man. Hope to see you at a convention. Your site is simple to navigate and better looking haha You and Allisons videos are really the only ones I admittedly enjoy anymore, the humour just works for me.

Excited for you to review more movies, if you ever get around to more aha, but the Bootleg Zones is funny as hell too, favourite is the Thomas The Tank Engine Transformer. After reading all this stuff, glad to hear that you guys broke away from all that nonsense. Considering what is left of CA I think they are going to regret treating so many people like crap sooner rather than later. It sounds like CA was horrible to work with.

Sorry about that, man. At least you can learn from it. And who are all these characters Doug has? What I like a lot about your shows is that you always try to keep things fresh.

Yes, you have running gags, you have continuity, but then just as a trope is starting to get stale, you subvert it e. Yep— I find myself going to this site much more often now than CA. And hearing about this tuen of events from the two of you in particular just raises my respect for you even more.

You know… I kind of felt it, a long, long time ago that you were over it, Phelous. You might be deadpan all the time, but just the overall shift in mood with Channel Awesome was tangible. They just kept adding, and adding, and adding content producers, running the gamut of interests, which is fine, but what happens when people feel lost in the shuffle? It feels like a lack of quality control on their parts, and instead of making sure that their longtime talent received seniority Easiest access to their material, and perhaps some real incentive for continuing to provide it instead of just giving Doug his atypical top billing, and forcing everyone to go fish.

Spoony touched on a bit of it, but he stands to gain little. One by one the dominoes fall until the empire does it seems. As soon as I can donate, I will be doing so in spades. I appreciate it. So much changed. Anyway, I wish you guys luck in all your endeavors! I have said plenty about what should change at CA. I want to be optimistic that something good will come out of this in terms of CA policies and practices. I want to be optimistic, but the number of video producers at CA that I have come to enjoy over the years is getting smaller.

Why should CA care about that? Less likely to spend time getting to know some of the newer video producers. Thank you for posting this and the links. Also a thank you to thecinemasnob.

I thought maybe you were both taking a break from making vidoes. Now that I know you have at least one more view per video. It threw me for a loop when I got on one day and he was gone. I just never realized all the BS behind the scenes. Now it seems lots of people are leaving or planning to leave. I just now read about you and Lupa leaving CA, and at first I thought it was because of creative differences. But after reading this, and the comments here, it is kinda true. And I just now gotten into watching your videos, with my first being your Incubus review.

These actions are inexcusable for a large organized group. Firing their PR woman after she had surgery just enraged me. So are you all going independent now or what? I was quite shocked and was kind of upset when I discovered what happened between you guys and CA, especially how Allison was pretty much bounced out on her ass after almost 5 years of submitting content for TGWTG.

To find your stuff deleted from the entire website after watching your stuff for so long, plus all the years you contributed to the site, it made me angry. Plus the fact that when Phelous quit, there went the representative of us Maritimers on CA. For the ones I still really like, like Brad Jones, I go to their own websites. It holds my attention, but sometimes just barely.

It still bears no consequence on the final outcome. Same issue with Reviewtopia. Welshy has been busy, Julien and Ben mostly do content in French now.

Andrew was mostly working on his web comic for a while but has told me E-Heroes will be returning in a bit. You must be logged in to post a comment. January 30, at am. Completely Useless Now. CA has changed too much. I think the glory days were Log in to Reply. February 3, at am. May 22, at pm. July 12, at am. January 30, at pm. Old Man. January 31, at pm. Also, all those To Boldly Flee jokes in your latest videos make sooo much more sense now!

February 1, at am. February 10, at am. February 28, at pm. I used to love NC but that character should have just had stay dead. A Real Turtles Fighter. Sorry to hear how things ended with CA between you guys. Oh well whatever. February 1, at pm. February 6, at pm. February 2, at am. Lorne Kates.

February 3, at pm. Bat Hero. February 7, at am.

February 4, at pm. March 1, at am. Hope you do comment once in a while and enjoy the site! February 7, at pm. Tommy: Could be worse. He got up. Merton: Wait a second, didn't you used to be taller than me?

He looked at Tommy, who, in fact, was shorter.

Are phelous and lupa still dating

Tommy: This might be a problem. Vince, Christy, and Bob appeared. Christy: Come pway with us! It's lonely! Lowi, don't you like me? Bob: Terminator Tom, we must go save the world! Merton looked at Tommy. Merton: Terminator Tom?

Tommy: What? I was little! Vince: It's Vince and his friends, in the lair, with our playmates. Merton: Run! Lori: I was thinking the same thing! They ran out the door. Tommy unwolfed. They stopped and ran into the factory. They crawled under the bar. Tommy looked around, then he felt a searing pain shoot down his body. He doubled over in pain. What's wrong?! Tommy: I don't know I- He fainted. Lori shook him. Not again! Merton: Does he seem shorter to you? Lori: This isn't the time, Merton!

Merton: Seriously, he does seem shorter. Lori: Let's go out the back. They went out the back door by the bar. Scene shows them in the woods. Merton and Lori set Tommy down and turn around to look for the imaginary friends. Merton: I don't see them. Lori: Merton, where's Tommy? Merton turned around. Tommy was no where to be seen. Suddenly, a kid jumped on top of Merton and put his hands over his eyes.

Merton: Lori, get it off me! Lori grabbed the kid and held him there. Lori: It's just a kid. Boy: I'm not a kid! All of a sudden his teeth turned to fangs and he was hairier.

He was a werewolf. He punched Lori in the stomach. She let him go. Boy: Don't mess with Tommy Dawkins! He howled into the night. He started laughing. Boy: Catch me if you can! He ran away. Merton: That was Tommy! Lori: Chisty must have- oh no!

Merton: What happened? Lori: Well Christy, my imaginary friend, said she would keep me young forever, and she had the power to make someone young. She tested it on my dog first and he got so young that he disappeared altogether! Merton: And now she used it on Tommy! Scene shows Merton and Lori in the woods. Merton: Here little wolf cub, we're not going to hurt you. Lori: I think he knows we're out here looking for him. Suddenly, Tommy jumped out of the trees and landed on Merton.

He was acting strange. He got up and started wobbling around. Little Tommy: I don't feel so good. He fell over. He glows yellow for a second, then the form shrinks. When it stops glowing, we see Tommy is now about three years old. Lori: We've got to find Christy! She can reverse it! Merton grabbed Tommy.

He woke up and started to laugh. He started pulling on Merton's hair. Merton: Ow! Lori: Give him here. You don't need to startle him. She took Tommy. Lori: There you go. It's all right. He kicked her hard. Lori: All right, I'm gonna kick you to the moon!

Merton took Tommy. Merton: Let's find Christy. Christy: You called? Lori: Christy, reverse this now! Christy: Will you pway with me? Lori: Yes. Christy: Oh, goody! She shot some light out and it hit Tommy. He suddenly grew in Merton's arms and they both fell over. Tommy: Are you okay, Merton?

Merton: Don't worry, it's just another in a long line of humiliations. Christy: Will you pway with me now? Lori: How about in the junkyard with your trunk?

I'm a small-time reviewer, but I reeeeeeeally would like to crossover, or even cameo, for on of the big guys like Linkara. The chance may be. Lupa humored ToddInTheShadows by "dating" him as she and Phelous give each Suddenly, Phelous D1, still played by Phelan, bursts into the room and says. Ppl who assume if you're in a video with a girl you must be dating are gonna have their minds Phelan Porteous @Phelous 12 Aug

Christy: Yah! Vince and Bob appeared. Vince: Don't count me and Bob out.

Let's play Clue! They walked to the junkyard. Scene shows them in the junkyard. Merton walks up to the chest and looks inside it. We see him take the Clue game and hide it in his long black trenchcoat.

Phelan and Allison Eat President's Choice Chips - Phelous & Obscurus Lupa

Merton: I can't find it. Vince: Let me take a look. He went into it to look. Vince: Where is it? Bob: Let Christy and me look.

Christy and Bob went into it. Christy: It's not in hewe. Tommy closes the lid on them.

Allison Pregler, f.k.a Obscurus Lupa is a former producer for Channel But there is one fanfic she wrote that is still up, and well read it for yourself: .. Soon after, she began dating Phelous, with some users theorizing that. A minor one, but Phelous gets angry whenever Eli Roth uses the word "gay" as an review, Phelous apparently confirms that he and Obscurus Lupa are dating. moment, the closing scenes of his Jacob's Ladder review are still extremely. Jew Wario, Phelous, Lupa, Spoony, CInema Snob and Linkara and. but drop it her and linkara are no longer dating but they are still friends.

Lori goes into the junkyard and finds a good lock. She puts it on the chest and the imaginary friends can't get out. Lori: I never liked you anyways. Come on, guys, let's go home. They walk off. Life was good. I don't think we'll be seeing our imaginary friends anymore. The camera zooms in on the chest and we can hear banging from inside it. Fade to black. I broke up with him, also for personal reasons, and he felt no obligation to stay after that.

Shortly after, the convo of him complaining about SK was recorded without his knowledge and leaked. They tried badly to mask his voice, but we could tell it was him. In fact, when he quit, Rob was really bummed out because he enjoyed his stuff and how much it leaned toward original content. Spoiler: Love My Way. Around the time all of this was going on, I received six letters threatening to find me, rape me, or kill me. I had to go to the police, my family installed security doors, and I slept with the lights on.

People believe and hear what they want to believe because it makes things easier on them. And someone has to get the blame. EDIT: Clarifying none of the exits outside of Phelan had anything to do with me, and even then Phelan and I had been planning on leaving for quite some time.

So was I fired? Well, yes and no. No producer has ever been paid by CA, and that includes the anniversaries. We did get a free copy of the movie for ourselves, if they remembered to send it to us. But I also had to do that to make barely enough to live, as this is my job. It was very hostile, unprofessional, and uncomfortable. This was followed shortly after with a call from him and Doug mandating how many midrolls we were able to use, among other insulting things.

I decide why not? So I start one up, and ask if Mike can put a link up to it under my next video. Side note: how many times does it take to film a game show pilot? As it turns out, at least 17, most with the same questions and guests.

After many of us had filmed them, they randomly told us they could only be 30 seconds long. I told him, yes, there was reason to bring it up, because they never told us any of that was okay now.

So he asks me if I have time for quick call. I tell him no. He asks if I can talk now. Keep in mind, when the Noah incident happened, they never let him go, they simply kept extending his suspension. I was never even put on suspension. And he got a nice farewell post!

Phelan Porteous @Phelous I totally missed you two were dating, hoped that you were cause there is clearly an adorable quality in videos. But whatever, I still have Phelous, Lupa/Allison, Brad, and Linkara's sites . thought of a Halloween crossover between Halloweenie and Radu. Brad Jones is still a part of Channel Awesome. He's never left the site. Anyway I love Brad Jones he's the fucking man. I've never watched Lupa or Phelous but.

Also, anyone who has said anything is gone now. It is a site fueled by yes men and denial, and many broken promises. But what does this mean for videos? Nothing, actually. Us former CA members are still making videos on our own sites, you can find me, Phelan, and Andrew on Phelous. The producers are still friends, we will still work together, and we still love what we do. Spoiler: Asshurt Allison.

Sexy Times Hitler said:. On this installment of As The Net Turns Go chuckle over cocktails with … archived 30 Jun UTC. And Film Brain and, of all people, Moviebob too. View attachment View attachment Last edited: Jun 30, The Shadow Pick it up, you skank. It's about fucking time. BlueArmedDevil They said this bomb was clean kiwifarms. Well written op. It's kind of a meme and most of them are just shitposting because of the fact its a meme and still gets a reaction out of other posters.

Although I have to wonder how many of them are actually just Phelous. Anyway here's a comparison she posted herself of v and it's a stark difference. BlueSpark kiwifarms. Wow, she isn't even thirty, yet?

Are Phelous And Lupa Still Dating

I thought she was mid-thirties at least. UnKillFill I'm sorry you had to go through this son That's a troon, right? Last edited: Jan 15, Marco Fucko Daylight come and me wan' go home kiwifarms. Really well done OP, even though Lupa doesn't seem to be too much of a cow in my eyes.

Maybe it's because I never watched her content? Also props to Brad for being the only adult in the CA circles, barring Larry. Jewelsmakerguy Cheesy 80s music intensifies kiwifarms. I know people like to blame Rob and Mike for the shit they pulled.

But I always feel that Allison was the originator of all this drama. At least the drama that the public got to see. UnKillFill said:. Superkooter kiwifarms. I think xer might have a problem with right leaning people. Oscar Wildean Bitchiest bitch in town. I was a fan of hers for a while even up to her Movie Nights Youtube work, but I have to say at this point she deserves this thread. She's insufferable now. A broad who looks 50, is actually 30, and acts like a year-old.

Lupa is the fucking crazy ex-girlfriend of Channel Autism.

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