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alex + justin (13 reasons) ? this is a modern fairy tale

Skip navigation! Story from 13 Reasons Why. Warning: Mentions of sexual violence and heavy drug use are ahead. After two seasons of 13 Reasons Why , it's clear the students at Liberty High School have very complicated relationships, whether they be friendships, romances, or everything in-between. Season 1 of the series revolved around Clay Dylan Minnette and Hannah Katherine Langford and while season 2 certainly kept that storyline at the forefront, we switched our focus to what happened in Justin and Jessica's relationship Brandon Flynn and Alisha Boe.

Just a few weeks ago, he posted the cutest picture of Kassidy holding a dog and captioned the photo "My happy place. It seems Christian is enamored with his bae because there are actually several pictures of Kassidy on his feed. My happy place.

Before dating Kassidy, Christian was linked to an actress named Shazi Raja. InShazi uploaded a "Happy Birthday" post to Instagram, in which she called Christian "baby," pretty much confirming that the two were together.

It seems like Alisha Boe, aka Jessica Davis, is currently single, though she did play Shawn Mendes' love interest in his music video for "Lost in Japan" back in October It seems like Alisha probably doesn't have time to date right now because her career is just taking off. She's actually the first actress of Somali origin to hold a leading role in an American movie since supermodel Iman.

Brandon Flynn, who plays Justin Foley, might be currently single, but you probably recognize his super famous ex-boyfriend Sam Smith. The two started dating in September and Sam confirmed the relationship during an appearance on Ellen. Unfortunately, the two split just several months later in June For now, Brandon keeps himself busy by working and hanging out with his adorable dog. You can still find photos of the cute couple on his Instagram feed.

Are justin and alex dating from 13 reasons why

Recently, he hasn't posted any photos but, to be fair, Justin's not that active on Insta. Almost time to get back to it from our relaxing Christmas in Tennessee. There's been no word of a break up and since pics are still up on both of their pages, we'll assume that this relationship is still going strong.

alex + justin (13 reasons) ? this is a modern fairy tale

InJustin announced that Annika and him would be producing a movie together with the working title, Odiumso hopefully that's still in the works, too. There were once rumors that Miles Heizer was dating his co-star Brandon, but they turned out to not be true after a rep confirmed that the two were just friends.

Here Are All the "13 Reasons Why" Stars' Relationship Statuses IRL

Miles has been pretty busy over the past few years. There have also been rumors swirling that he's dating his Parenthood co-star Mae Whitman.

This has never been confirmed, but it sure looks like the two are definitely bffs. A post shared by miles heizer younggoth on Jun 28, at am PDT.

It looks like Ross Butler, who plays Zach Dempsey, is also single. I mean, we don't blame him. He's been pretty busy with his roles 13 Reasons WhyShazam!

13 Reasons Why fans will recognise Miles Heizer & Brandon Flynn - the pair play Alex and Justin on what has become one of Netflix's best tv series which deals with bullying and suicide. The pair have filmed a short movie called Home Movies, directed by Kevin Rios, and they each. Here are all the current relationship statuses of the 13 Reasons Why cast. No, Dylan, who plays Clay Jensen, isn't dating Katherine. Brandon Flynn, who plays Justin Foley, might be currently single, but you probably He's played Alex Standall in 13 Reasons Why, played the part of Simon's friend in. Memes are trending and part of entertainment, let's explore the top 13 reasons of why memes: Memes are part and element of culture Memes can express They.

He has commented on what he looks for in a partner, though. Ross told Galore Mag that he wants someone who's creative.

On a deeper level, she has to be able to curious," Ross said. Devin Druid is taken and he actually just celebrated his one year anniversary with model Annie Marie. Hanna Woodside.

The Long, Complex History Of Justin & Jessica's 13 Reasons Why Relationship Jessica and Alex break up, which leads her to meet and start dating Justin. A review of 13 reasons why might be rivals alex standall are dating in 13 reasons why, justin's addiction is upset that hannah. Between the stigmas that his. Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) and Miles Heizer (Alex Standall) are Alex Standall and Justin Foley from 13 Reasons Why are dating this is so.

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13 Reasons Why has been a huge topic of conversation ever since it Boe: Single Brandon Flynn: Single Ross Butler: Single Justin Prentice: Taken Brandon . It turns out that two of the actors in the series are actually dating in real miles heizer and brandon flynn aka alex and justin from 13 reasons. Fans of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why lost their minds last week when alex and justin from 13 reasons why are dating in real life and i didnt know i.

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